Pathfinder Caste

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Pathfinder Caste

The Sheild of Haven

Caste Leader: T'rau Durnba

What the Pathfinder Caste do

The Sheild of Haven.

Free to help and assist with anything that happens to come Haven’s way; from a simple delivery request, to a full on escort. Pathfinders are versatile and ready to assist. They come from all walks of life, training in various arts of combat, always learning and teaching new techniques. They are the warrior caste, teaching both theory and practical techniques. Available to help the other caste by providing protection, or just extra hands as a mixture of adventurers, tutors and even simple swordsmen. No problem is too small for them.


Insignia Rank 1.png Initiate

Insignia Rank 2.png Pathfinder

Insignia Rank 3.png Elder Pathfinder

Insignia Rank 4.png Overseer Pathfinder

Azranahr Stormchaser

Insignia Rank Hero.png Caste Leader

T'rau Durnba

How to join the Pathfinder Caste