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Omma Flag.png


Omma, the land where The Black Diablos originally formed and were from, its location is only known to those who came from it, it used to be a beautiful land of vast landscapes and wonderious creatures, now its but a burnt cinder upon the map, Destroyed by an unknown force, everybody on the island was killed when the whole island erupted in 1580


Otherwise known as Omma's heart, the great city of Omma, hub and center to all live on Omma, situated betweenthe three pillars. The Violent Sand, The M'wagae Marsh and Singing Mountain. it stands the fourth. Mo'urogo City, its great walls protect from creatures, its walls number three, Outer ring, Middle ring and Inner ring, expanding through the ages, its great hall sits in the middle, now Guild hall, center of their culture and bastion of the past.
Notable Hunters:
Noraxia Lunn, Grandmaster of Guilds
Zorai Naccal

The Singing Mountains

Vast mountains, famed for how the wind whistles through them, creating a harmonic singing heard throughout Omma when fierce winds blow, its rocky region, Home to the Single Blue Flame housing the heart of Omma. the people of the Singing mountains are known as the Balance, they are those who seem to encompass all of Omma on their shoulders, the hunt is sacred to them, as is maintaining the balance of the lands whim, listening to the winds as they flow.

Augae Village

an old village situated South of The Singing Mountains, it was destroyed by a stampede of monsters, killing every
Notable Hunters: Jeff'ra Kree

Violent Sands

The Violent sands shift and sway, her mood ever changing day to day, the people of the Violent sands are darker of skin, hardier people whom praise the sand, the hunt above all else.

Notable Hunters:
N'shiki Talien

Azra City

Azra city, Main hub of the Violent Sands, it boasts a great trading port, protected by great stone walls, built inside a natural cave, excavated, now with an open-top. the city of Azra is impregnable once they close the great shutters that keep out the sands of yore.

M'wage Marsh

Thos of the M'wage Marsh live in lands soaked with water, they are laid back, gentle people who want for naught, their hunt is more a ceremony of those who come of age than a way of life.


known as the Throne of the marsh, houses built into and around trees, platforms connecting them, they live not on the ground below but up up in trees, its warriors learn to swing from trees attaching chains to their weapons or using sturdy vines, their community are the lest clothed, favouring freedom above aught else, they allow the creatures below to thrive before hunting every 9 years.

Map of Omma


Other Villages

Outa Village

Outa is a small village made up of about 52 people who are connected to their neighbour Tudan'ae by rope bridges all across the mountain range's

Destruction of Omma