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 Izrikairin Rish
"...Oenshar. Can we 'elp y'?"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon.
Clan Formerly Niende, now Moui.
Citizenship Unknown, though he frequents Limsa.
Age 21-24, no one is really sure, even him.
Nameday 17th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon.
Height 5 fulms 2 ilms.
Occupation Previously a shiphand turned mercenary. Now the tribe Shaman of sorts.
Server Balmung.



Aliases/Nicknames: "Izrikairin Rish" in itself would seem to be an alias. Before he was picked up and taken in by a Limsan ship captain, no one by that name existed. No one knows where he came from, and he himself seems unwilling, or incapable of telling anything about his past that is coherent except on very rare occassions, and what information is gleaned is not much to go by. Even when described, it doesn't seem to lead anywhere. There seem to be a few other names attributed to him, depending on whom you talk to or overhear, including the names 'Irelius' and 'Shain'. Nicknames include, but are not limited too; 'Izzy', 'Kairin', 'Iz', 'Boy', 'Kit', 'Rish' etc.

Current Residence: His main home is now back in the Shroud with his mate and her Clan. Though he has been known to visit a cosy little house in the Goblet, and his old company manor in the Lavender Beds. [Ward 8 Subdivision, Plot 34 and Ward 2, Plot 6 respectively.]

Appearance Izrikairin is short in height for a Miqo'te and with not a lot of muscle on him. His physique is thin, bordering on unhealthy and gives him the outward appearance of looking almost breakable. His usual attire consists of loose-fitting furs and worn shoes, the furs a little patchy and worn themselves. His over-all appearance is also quite scruffy, hair sticking out all over the place and usually with a few bumps or marks on him. The Miqo'te's hair is dark grey that lightens to ash, and his fur a slate grey color, though the tip of his lion-esque tail is black. Both of his eyes used to be a bright moonlit silver, though after an incident that left his right eye infected with cerulleum at the same time as another injury, the right one has faded to a blue color and is now blind. He has a numerous scars across his torso that are visible when he is without a shirt, the most obvious of these are a jagged scar on his right shoulder joint, below his collar bone, and another that runs along the left side of his waist right around and looks as if it should have been fatal. He is missing the last two fingers of his left hand. Around his neck is an ornate silver key on a chain that glows faintly. His face is adorned with symmetrical tattoos in black. He has a newer tattoo around his left upper arm, that was a gift from his older 'brother', T'rau Tia. He seemed to have neatened up his appearance for a while, but lately it has become as messy as it was before. The iris' of his eyes recently have started to show odd black, fleck-like colorations. Upon becoming the mate of a Moui matriarch, he has taken to dying the edges of his hair red as is their tradition.


Izzy's behaviour is highly sporadic, and it can switch from something docile to something extremely violent as quick as you can blink. His mind itself is highly fractured due to some form of unknown trauma in his past, the amount of different personalities that exist within his mind seem to be counted at 12 on average, the information for such gathered from those he interacts with. Most often, he can be seen as incredible cheerful and bouncy, with a little bit of an eccentric attitude, doing things others probably would not. Though, as his mind is so in pieces, it really depends upon the situation he is in and who he is with. If one were to study his behaviour, they would most likely be there a very long time indeed. Only four individuals so far seem to hold knowledge of how he works as a whole, and their knowledge in itself has barely scratched the surface...




The Miqo'te is extremely feral in his approach to combat, having received very little training and going mostly on instinct. He will literally fight tooth and claw to win. Though he has some knowledge of Thaumaturgy, the use of it is scattered when fighting him, almost as if he forgets he is able to do such things. If highly angered, his body acts like an overcharged conduit, aether sparking from his skin. However, he requires no focus to wield magics. In the last year, his skills in both Thaumaturgy and combat have come on in leaps and bounds. On good days, he is known to wield a sword as deftly as almost any blademaster, but can result to his previous ways of fighting from certain circumstances, though the chance now is a lot lower. His aetheric strength is very high, and if wielded properly he can use it to devastating effect. That's.. when he remembers he can. Izzy has recently learned to wield a bow, and though his aim is not all that great, it is passable. He also has taken an interest in the ways of Bards, inspiring with songs, though the Songs that he plays are not vocal ones, instead his own take.



  • Lazing about in odd places such as shelves, under beds...
  • Being near the ocean and the smell of sea air.
  • Spending time with those he cares about.
  • Lying under starry skies.
  • Singing to himself (Though he is a poor singer)
  • Raw meat.
  • Being curious about everything and everyone.
  • Forgetting personal boundaries.
  • Rhuya


  • People who are overly obnoxious.
  • Those who attack his friends.
  • Most vegetables.
  • People that make a lot of contact; touching shoulders, arms etc. (With the exception of a few)
  • Any form of entrapment and being enclosed in small spaces.
  • Doctors and medicine.
  • The Clans medicine woman.


  • Running around the area he's in for recreation.
  • Catching fish with his hands.
  • Being able to fold himself into rather small spaces.
  • Being able to pick up on the mood of others around him. (Though this is dependent on a certain mindset.)
  • Picks up on things incredibly quickly.


  • He is usually very friendly and open to new people he meets, though his general mannerisms may take some aback.
  • He has a habit of talking in a very lazy slur, making his words hard to hear for some.



Family is a very touchy subject in itself for him. He will not speak about the past, or family, and will more often than not react violently when asked about it. No one knows anything of his birth family at all. He counts his family at present as his friends and the Roegadyn that took him in near five years ago, along with a few select others that are close to him.


Izzy has many friends and acquaintances, being for the most part, open and cheerful and capable of talking to anyone. He counts most people as a friend until they can prove him otherwise, or, if upon meeting them, they are trying to harm him. Those that he calls true friends, Iz will defend until his last breath. Some of these are noted below, along with a small description:

  • T'rau Tia and Amiko Durnba - Iz views these two as his older siblings. Both of them look after him, and he in turn, looks out for them.
  • Sirilai Ruon - A gentle bard that has become a close friend of the Miqo'te. He is as protective of her as he is of T'rau and Amiko.
  • Zorai Naccal - An odd Miqo'te that Izzy is very protective of, a surrogate sister. She has an odd way of speaking and an interesting way of viewing the world.
  • Kassandra Enora - The woman previously in charge of the Black Diablos hunting group. Izzy respects her and has fought by her side a few times.
  • S'meoh Keeneye - A young Miqo'te that Izzy seems to treat as a younger brother. He is very affectionate and caring towards S'meoh.
  • Sarcire Sinclair - A Hyur woman that took Izzy on briefly as her apprentice. He has not seen her of late and is worried for her.
  • Razeiel Venaire - The Poet. An allusive man, though Iz spent a good deal of time under his wing.
  • Allianera Thorneblade - A Highlander woman that Iz looks up to. He enjoys her company.
  • K'haz Tia - Although K'haz hasn't talked to him all that much, Iz counts him as a friend all the same.
  • Belila Tineniel - A young Hyur that Iz befriended rather quickly. He see's her now as a sister.
  • Oni De'phor - The Hyur Lancer and his voice-pole are now friend-kind, though Izzy hasn't seen them in a long time.
  • Cybrielle Durnba - T'rau's daughter, Izzy's 'niece' and close friend.
  • Keru Lowry - A gentle and kind healer. Izzy treats him as another brother, his dear Keru-shape.
  • Camille Everardi - Kind-hearted Hyur with a talent at music, Izzy looks up to and respects her.
  • S'ereno Tia - Although with a fiery temper, Izzy viewed S'ereno as a friend though he has gone missing.
  • Rhuya Moui - A strong young woman that, although distant at first, captured Izzy's heart. The pair are inseperable.
  • Moltove Mon'tova - A smart but seemingly disorganised Elezen. Izzy finds him highly amusing to watch and listen to, naming him 'Moffletop'.
  • Khuja'to Tayuun - A favourite of a certain mindset. Although brash, he hides a gentle soul. And also brings treats!
  • Azranahr Stormchaser - A strange one, Azzie changed shape! A Xaela that Izzy has known a long time with a kind heart and a strong sword arm.
  • D'emi Rhojah - The Diablos' Choco-Mama. Although D'emi tends to have a fiery temper, she's a very passionate young woman.
  • X'aros Jardin - Though currently missing, X'aros was a person that simply made you feel warm being nearby.


Izrikairin doesn't appear to have any enemies that he knows of. Anyone that he hated, or was a threat to anyone he cared for would quickly be disposed of, so anyone in that regard would no longer be in existance. Although he does take the enemies of those close to him as his own, as with Belila and the mad-man Zeegalie.



Common Rumors

  • "That kid? Yeah, seen 'im running around, runs errands for that big ship that appears now and then. Seems lovely." - Limsan Market Clerk
  • "Huh? Him? Twelve. Stay away from him, he's not all there I tell ya!" - Limsan bar patron.
  • "Odd one... Though he's never done anything untoward..." Maelstrom guard.
  • "Brilliant boy! Always working hard for that captain of his! Though I haven't seen him around lately, now you mention it..." - Limsan dockhand.
  • "That creep!? I had him kicked out of the alley behind here! Scarin' off my patrons he was!" - Ul'dan merchant.
  • "Hm...? Oh I think I remember him.. he never sits still. Ever been around someone and they just. give you a weird feelin' and you wanna be gone? Yeah. That.." - Adventurer

Moderate Rumors

  • "Saw him once or twice. On errands. Nervous enough to make us think he was hiding something." - Twin Adder guard.
  • "Seen him lurking the back ways... Shifty fellow." - Ul'dan citizen.
  • "Him?! Gods! I've never been so happy to have someone leave my inn!" - Ul'dan Innkeeper.
  • "Don't go delving too deep with that one, some things are better left buried, aye?" - Limsan barmaid.

Rare Rumors

  • "He's nice enough, definately not all there though. Should be locked up if you ask me."
  • "Something bad happened to that one, I'm sure. No one knows what though, but to leave a kid in a state like that? Well..."
  • "Someone told me he blew up a building once.. Left no one alive either.."
  • "Careful with that one. Heard he's addicted to aether."

PC Rumors

  • "That kid? Oh y'don' wanna ask 'bout 'im, 'e'll take yer eyes out with ah blink an' 'ave yer tongue fer supper fer breathin' 'is name! Tho' ah 'erd 'e's nout too bad in bed~" *grin* - Nate Varqnite (N'athanie Nunh)
  • "Rumor has it, that man's insane. Wait no, that's no rumor." - Amiko Ayano
  • "W-well, it'd be an understatement to say he's eccentric, and not quite there half the time...but there's nobody on Eorzea I'd rather count among my friends." - Sirilai Ruon
  • "Well, he's an interesting character to say the least." - Kassandra Enora
  • "Izzy.. What'cha wonna know bout brothertail! He is most super shiny brothertail who we like lots and lots and lots and lots and lots, ALSO we licked him once.. tasted of tha big bloo wet stuff which reminds us of that time we also licked Pina.. But we don remember much about tat one.. she didn't taste of the Bloo wet stuff.. Or did we lick brothertail more recently than Pina... HUH! what was ta question again?" - Zorai Naccal
  • "Don't scratch his ears." -- Rhuya Moui


Not much is known of Izrikairin's history before the point he was taken in by the two seafaring Roegadyn he now counts as family. From what is known, they apparently found him five years ago when they were on a trading venture to Thanalan, near death and attacking anything as if possessed. He was wounded, though not by them, and so stood no chance against the Roegadyn. He was brought in, treated, and was with them ever since, up until recently. Formerly a member of the Blades of Nald'thal, taken in by Razeiel Venaire in an attempt to both rebuild his broken mind and to take the threat of him away from innocents. The Poet made quite a deal of progress, but, when the Blades were betrayed from the inside out and an assassination was attempted on the Miqo'te, a lot of his stability was lost again.

He was found in Thanalan, near death, by Zorai Naccal who nursed him back to health. His stability improved a little, but not by much. He now resided for a time with her in the Diablos Hunting Lodge, resting and becoming more calm as his mental fragments finally processed and sorted out the experiences from the end of the Blades' chapter in his life. After a few months, he set out wandering once more, leaving the safety of the Diablos' home to travel Eorzea. Mostly because he felt trapped in and a burden to those around him.

And so it was that the young Miqo'te came across one Kylin Felstar, being drafted in to help the man with procuring artifacts. He now lives in a small house in the Goblet with a group of, what appear to be, incredibly selective mercenaries. While with them, he has honed his blade skills and has become a little more stablein time. One particular piece of him fell head over heels for a young Keeper woman, Rhuya Moui. They hardly leave each other's side, and, if rumor is to be believed, have a family together. She has also brought to light, with the help of her Clan, some of the past history of Izzy's own Clan, the Niende. The two have taken to living together in the Shroud, Rhuya taking over from her mother as a Matriarch and Izrikairin as her mate and clan shaman, bringing his clans old traditions with him.


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