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The gaming and casino industry holds out the promise of a long-term career opportunity. The first things to come back into business along the Gulf Coast following the devastating wrought by Hurricane Katrina were the casinos. While many residents were still trying to rebuild their homes, the large casinos were opening for business. Jobs aplenty are available in this wide-open industry. One of the best opportunities is that of advertising coordinator.

The advertising coordinator has the job of assisting in the development of the casino's advertising campaign. If you have ever been in an area where casinos bring in revenue, you will notice that commercials and billboards that speak highly of the casino are omnipresent. The coordinator of advertising for a casino will work in tandem with the director of advertising or the director of marketing. When a casino works with an outside advertising agency, the job of the advertising coordinator is more closely akin to that of a liaison who works as the conduit between the casino and the ad agency.

This casino job requires working on individual advertising as well as special events and promotional activities. This element of the job can range from the casino hosting an entertainment event to hosting slot parties. What is expected from the casino advertising coordinator is a deep understanding of the best means of advertising to direct toward the most appealing demographic. If the casino lives or dies based upon visitation of a younger crowd, the advertising agenda will be considerably different from the casino that lives or dies based on having seniors bussed in daily.

The advertising coordinator must be keenly aware of demographics and this means having a solid background in interpreting statistical data. You must also be highly aware of the local advertising world in the sense of knowing who is reading the local papers, which local TV stations get the highest ratings and where to spend money on billboard advertisement. Direct mail is a huge part of the casino business. Once a casino has gotten hold of the address of a visitor, the advertising coordinator will need to spend significant chunks of time coming up with the most effective means of getting that customer back through enticing direct mail advertisements.

Your job as an advertising coordinator for a casino may extend to actually writing advertising copy or the creation of graphics. Or it may involved overseeing the outsourcing of these tasks to a second party. Your job may involve finding experienced freelance writers and artists to work together on advertising plans. Ultimately, the advertising coordinator for a casino is the person in charge of giving final approval to the advertising finished product. This means making sure that it has been prepared to order and that it has been transmitted to the media on time and in perfect shape.

Experience required to get this casino job includes knowledge of advertising, marketing or public relations and preferably a knowledge of all three. A college degree in advertising or marketing or PR is definitely going to be preferred, but may not necessarily be mandatory if you have enough experience behind you. Typical earnings for a casino advertising coordinator range from $20,000 to $40,000.

After years of experience in the job, the salary could certainly exceed that high mark.