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Hearth Haven Lodge


Its a true home for many, we become not just a group come together out of nessesity, but a family, who fights for eachother, who looks after eachother, who will do anything for eachother, thats what Haven is, My family

Zorai Naccal

The Gathering Hall, Located in the Lavender beds, this is head of opperations for Hearth Haven where the bulk of her members live.

Quest Desk


The Questrix opperates out of the top floor in Haven Lodge, she is a happy creature who often stutters, her job is to bring missions to Haven Members in the form of The Quest Board behind her. Check back often.

She is a happy, cherpy person who always has time for anyone, though sometimes she can infact say the wrong thing.

The Quests may be limited by their diffaculty level, or locked to a certain Caste, with enough members of the right rank, you can always come along.

Rank Symbols Caste Symbols
Insignia Rank Doodle.png Doodle Level Insignia Haven.png No Caste/Haven member
Insignia Rank Wayfarer.png Wayfarer Level Insignia H.png Pathfinder Caste
Insignia Rank 1.png Rank One Insignia A.png Artisan Caste
Insignia Rank 2.png Rank Two Insignia E.png Explorer Caste
Insignia Rank 3.png Rank Three



Lodge Info

Insignia Haven.png

Hearth Haven, a gathering of like minded individuals from the most diverse backgrounds that Eorzea has to offer. Adventurers, craftsmen, medics, and even those who just want to make a tiny difference in the world have come together under one banner to fight not just the obvious war in front, but to support those that fight it. Hearth Haven is a lodge in the Lavender bed’s housing district that is devised to help the needy. The sick and injured can go there to find the aid they need and support as they try to get recover. Those that are perhaps on the run can go there for sanctuary, until they know what path they want to tread. Even the lonely adventurer might need a helping blade to tide him over in his quest, at Hearth Haven he can find that blade and many more.

Haven Lodge is built upon the old Gathering Hall of the once prestigious Black Diablo’s Hunting Company. When the member’s of the company dwindled and after many blows the hunters were forced into submission. Not only the company but the very building itself drifting down into a state of disrepair. It was at this time that a like minded Free Company that had recently appeared on the public map known as The Order of the Stormguard faced a similar situation. This gathering of ancient treasure hunters and their relics became targets of less favourable parties. Having suffered a few too many strikes to their spirit, the future was beginning to look dark. The Black Diablos’ leading council then approached Stormguard with a proposition. What had started as an idea at a social gathering went on to change the futures for both companies. Bringing them both to where they stand today. The Black Diablos, and The Order of the Stormguard ceased operation individually and are now united under the banner of Hearth Haven.

Insignia H.png
The Sheild of Haven.

Free to help and assist with anything that happens to come Haven’s way; from a simple delivery request, to a full on escort. Pathfinders are versatile and ready to assist. They come from all walks of life, training in various arts of combat, always learning and teaching new techniques. They are the warrior caste, teaching both theory and practical techniques. Available to help the other caste by providing protection, or just extra hands as a mixture of adventurers, tutors and even simple swordsmen. No problem is too small for them.

Insignia A.png
The Knowladge Keepers of Haven.

The Artisan Caste are your researcher, those who study and covet knowledge of any kind. They are more likely to think their way out of a situation than simply just hit it, using tools they have made or tricks and tactics learned. These are the ones you go to when your ever faithful armor takes a damned good beating.

Insignia E.png
The Sword of Haven.

Ever curious as to what is over the next hill, or down that ominous looking tunnel; an explorer has a tendency to think after they’ve thrown themselves down the gully. Sometimes bringing back rare artifacts, sometimes broken bones, the life of an explorer is one on the edge! (Both metaphorical and sometimes literal).

Itm box.png

Inside the Hall, equipt for every quest is the Item box, look through it before going out on every mission, you might find something that will suprise you.

These are just some of the items, check out the box itself, Item Box.

Itm box.png

From missions Relics are found, studied and catalogued by the Artisan Caste.

These are some Relics found on missions. Find more here in the Relic Room