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Combat can be confusing, Haven uses /random for most of its combat situations, this creates more fun than just simply winning everything, who knows what may happen.


  • DM: person controlling the combat.
  • Monster: the creature you will face in combat.
  • Initiative: Ability to move, Higher the quicker.
  • Combat Action: an action made in combat, with a roll to determine its outcome.
  • Free Action: movement, talking, any action made outside of combat is a free action, and can happen between combat action.
  • Rotation: A term used to describe one full rotation along the turn order.

Note: for alternative styles please see Alternative Combat Styles

Itm D20.png

The absolute basics of RP etiquette, when someone swings for an attack against you. you have the final say of how that attack affects you.

Boss monster swings for Hero with large claws, slashing wildly.
Depending on their roll you'll take the damage on the chart, however it's up to you how this is perceived, as just a scratch, being maimed, or dodging entirely and taking the damage by tripping on the floor.
Ultimately the final say is down to you the character and respectably the Dm and their character(s)

Itm D20.png
Rolling for Initiative

When entering combat, the DM will ask everybody to roll for Initiative, this is the turn order and descries when your combat action takes place The DM may have already decided where between your rolls they or the monster will go.
Hero 1 rolls: 784
Hero 2 rolls: 456
Hero 3 rolls: 412
Hero 4 rolls: 10

The turn order will look like so.

Hero 1 | Hero 2 | Hero 3 | Hero 4

The DM may have chosen to pre-roll the monsters, or roll with you and insert them between the Heroes.
Monster 1 rolls: 862
Monster 2 rolls: 455

Now the turn order looks like so

Monster 1 | Hero 1 | Hero 2 | Monster 2 | Hero 3 | Hero 4

Monster 1 Hero 1 Hero 2 Monster 2 Hero 3 Hero 4

Itm D20.png
Combat Basics

So now we have talked about turn order, it's time to talk about Combat, when it is your turn, you will /random to see how well your combat action will hit for, 0 - 299 = 0 Damage
300 - 699= 1 Damage
700 - 998 = 2 Damage
999 = 3 Damage, this is regarded as a Critical hit

As rule of thumb its best to roll first, however depending on your style you may choose to have an emote such as "The Hero raises their mighty axe in attempt to cleave the monster's head from its shoulders, thrusting forth with great power..." Hero Rolls: 28 "But slips on a rock that just so happened to be placed there, falls to the floor and rolls to the side" This kind of Rolling can create a wonderful dynamic, the style is up to you.

Special Rules

a DM can decide on special rules, retaliating between each of the Heroes attacks, though with this rule there will be a chance to dodge. Additonally Resistances and how affects take hold are on a case by case basis.

Poisons or otherwise, these will remove approximately 1 Health per turn and remain for 2 full rotations unless removed.

Itm D20.png

Commonly a hero will have 5 heath, however this is at the discretion of the DM


When you take a hit you lose heath, in this example, you have been hit for 2 damage and lost as much health


Having lost ALL heath you will fall unconscious and be removed from the turn order, you still however have free actions and can roll around and complain at your hearts content.

Special Rules

Monster heath is unspecafied and at the discretion of the DM

Itm D20.png
Healing Basics

Healing in combat works much like healing in the real-game, this can be done through Items or through Magic, Items have a very specific requirement but Healing is controlled as thus.


0 - 299 = 0 No Health Restored
300 - 699= 1 Health Resorted
700 - 998 = 2 Health Restored
999 = 3 Health restored, as this is a crit, consider this a Critical Heal.


0 - 299= No Protect
300 - 999 = Protect
A protect, will shield the party for full rotation, this however must be refreshed on every rotation or it wears off.
-100 from the DM on all rolls against the party for this rotation.

Removal of Aliments

Removal of alements can be done through Items or Magic, items have very specific requirements but Majic can remove them as thus 0 - 299= No removal
300 - 999 = Removal
A Hero can choose to make this an AoE removal, another roll more than 600 will ensure a party wide removal.

Special Rules

These ruls can be changed by the DM at any time.

Itm D20.png
AoE Basics

AoE are special attacks, and just like they are in-game, you must do your best to avoid them, while you can move in your free action, to avoid an AoE you must roll to get out unscathed by its effects. Roll higher than the DM to escape.
The DM rolls 754.
Now the Heroes must roll higher than 754 to evade, those that do not.
Hero 1 Rolls: 876
Hero 3 Rolls: 312.
Hero 3 is covered in poison, taking damage, but player 1 is able to dodge the AoE

Itm D20.png
Combat Items

Items used in combat, have their own rules, if you plan to use them, make yourself familiar with them

Itm D20.png
Bosses and Special Combat rules

Sometimes there will be different rules depending on the combat encounter and until a Hero uses a move, for example. Sleep, they won't be made aware of the affects until the move has gone through.

Using sleep as our example:
Hero uses sleep on Boss Monster.
The Boss monster slowly begins to feel drowsy.
What the Boss monster does in this turn is entirely up to the DM. they monster can choose to lash out before the sleep takes effect. OR.. perhaps the boss monster needed two applications of sleep before it truly went to sleep. the point being that not everything works exactly as it does in-game, and some leniency is given to those in RP After all it is a story and everybody's style is a little different.

Additionally at times a DM may choose that the Boss monster will withdraw or perhaps heal all injuries, this is only used as a story mechanic for important Strangers or Boss monsters that are perhaps progressing a story. or at times, perhaps you have yet to get to that point in the story to properly face the boss monster in such a way as the DM decides,

Ultimately what happens is up to the DM running the event, they have the final say in how your attack affects their character.