Artisan Caste

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Artisan Caste

The Knowladge Keepers of Haven

Caste Leader: N'shiki Talien

What the Artisan Caste do

The Knowladge Keepers of Haven.

The Artisan Caste are your researcher, those who study and covet knowledge of any kind. They are more likely to think their way out of a situation than simply just hit it, using tools they have made or tricks and tactics learned. These are the ones you go to when your ever faithful armor takes a damned good beating.


Insignia Rank 1.png Initiate

Insignia Rank 2.png Artisan

Insignia Rank 3.png Master Artisan

Insignia Rank 4.png Overseer Artisan

Keru Lowry
Camille Everardi

Insignia Rank Hero.png Caste Leader

N'shiki Talien

How to join the Artisan Caste