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Omma Flag.png Zorai Naccal
May the blue flame, carry you forward.
Forbidden Hunter, Sage of the Third eye
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Omma
Age 19/21 - She is not sure herself.
Namesday 3rd Sun of the 3rd Astra Moon
Height 5 Fulm, 0 Ilm.
Free Company Hearth Haven
Occupation Hunter, Guildmaster of Hearth Haven, Accomplished Alchemist
Homeland Omma
Zorai Naccal
Guildmaster of Hearth Haven



Zorai Naccal, a Seer, Healer and once the leader of Free Company Hearth Haven, A sanctuary for all those in need of a turn around in luck, with Haven people can learn a new craft, learn to defend themselves or become a courier and save Gill to buy a new life, Haven gave opportunities to all.

After giving leadership of Haven to Guildmarm Neiri, Zorai focused on her craft, becoming a acomplished traveling Alchemist selling her potions for stories

Zorai Lunn: Born to Noraxia Lunn, Village Leader and healer
Forbidden Hunter: Inheriting the title from her mother and GrandFather before her, a family title yet Zorai herself has achieved great feats to be worthy of the title, back home in Omma a forbidden hunter has proven themselves to be an adept hunter, taking on the greatest challenges, allowed to hunt in any hunting grounds, a forbidden hunter is an individual who knows the lay of the land, can face any monster... and knows when to leave a fight to live another day.
Sage of the Third Eye: another title inherited from her mother, given to the seer of the village, Zorai displays great Aethertical power and has been known to see the future, showing empathic qualities, feeling as others feel, seeing through their eyes events of the past. she won't use this very often or flaunt it, but it can occur on accident.
Zorai occasionally frequents Haven Lodge Or 'the gathering hall' as those who live there know it, where the hustle and bustle of passing hunters gain work, rest and relax. Zorai can often be found here overseeing guild activities. She is however a traveler at heart, it's not uncommon to find her wandering the world somewhere selling her potions for a story.


Height 5 Fulm, 0 Ilm
Weight Healthy
Build Curvacious
Skin Tone Gentle blue/grey.
Tail Big, Fluffy and purple, her tail often finds its way into the oddest of places.
Notable Features:
Scars Large Speer gash on her left shoulder, cuts and on various parts of her body.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Dark purple, slight highlights of white.
Eyes purple, one duller than the other, Blinded during her first hunt.
Notable Features: Zorai's forehead features a third eye, a special crystal placed upon her forehead.
Scars Scar above her left eye and on her cheek.


Abilities and Skills


Zorai learned to fight back home, Taught by her mother and learned to hone her skills on her own, Primarily using Magic which is focused through Ringlets given to her by her mother, they have several crystals attached, the thread woven with special thread, words inscribed on them, this is where she focuses her strength, her Aetherical energy. When Zorai fights she's down low, near the ground, almost on all fours, a very primal and animalistic way of fighting, utilizing all of her extremities to attack, she will fight tooth and nail when she needs too but finds she can use Daggers or Swords in this stance, Additionally her tail agility allows her to wield a hidden blade, which when she swings her tail can cut, or be passed to her hand should she lose her blade. when Zorai fights she will fight to the end, her Aetherical power can be boundless when she's in the right mindset, she's also taken to using a bow, taking steps to preserving the ancient ways of her people.


Sword: Zorai learned how to use a sword in Omma and has a unique fighting style which keeps her close to the ground, she only remmbred this after a long while training with Cybrielle Durnba and fourished during a fight with Azranahr Stormchaser
Dagger: her unique fighting style and mastery of her tail allows her to hold a dagger at times when fighting, this can be used as a suprise attack.


Healing: Zorai at her heart uses her magic for healing others, she would prefere to heal others than casue harm, doing so with Aether and Potion.
Alchemy: While not a prominant feature in combat, Zorai will often use potions to her advantage, always carrying potions on her person means she is ready at any time to whip up an alchemical wonder, or a bomb to detinate in a combatants face.



Trees and Nature.
Jasmine Tea.
Shiny things.
Books, she collects them


Those who cause hurt to her friends.
Disrespecting the Hunt
Disrespecting Nature
Obnoxious people
restrictive Shoes
Tight clothing or ropes


Alchemy, she's quite Adept.
Sleeping in high places.



Cybrielle Naccal née Durnba (Partner, Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Zorai's best friend from childhood, Zorai was present when Cybrielle's mother gave birth in her Home, Noraxia told Zorai to look after her, that she was her sister, never to let her be harmed. and since then Zorai has bonded with Cybrielle, they became fast friends growing up, with a sibling-like relationship, they have been on countless adventures together, the two get up to all sorts of mischief, they are often found together, though recently their relationship has developed in a more intimate way, the two binded their hearts together on 23/2/2017 together in a private ceremony.


Noraxia Lunn (Mother, Deseaced) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Zorai's birth mother and teacher in healing arts she owes all she knows to Noraxia with her ways of healing she has saved many lives, recently deceased, Zorai will be
A'Naccal Nuhn (Adopted-Father, Deseaced) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
The man who rescued Zorai from a fate close to death, he became her father after raising her for a while, re-teaching her how to hunt, talk and live in society once more, he left his tribe in order to raise a child that the tribe had excommunicated, he felt the deeds of the mother should not be placed upon the child, A'Naccal broke tribal law in doing so.
Ackee Naccal (Adopted-sister) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Daughter of A'naccal, her mother was excommunicated from the tribe before she could form any solid memories of her, she has only known her father as her soul world, she took to Zorai when she her dad brought her half dead back to their camp, she cared for her and like her father nursed her back to health, she was however afraid of Izrikairin Rish whome A'naccal Nuhn had previously rescued from a crater.
When her father died in what A'ckee believes to be murder she swore to take revenge on her father and kill the one responsible, Zorai remains ever in her sights.
Izrikairin Rish (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
The two met through a strange twist of fate in different points of their lives, as though there were an invisible string pulling them back together. Izzy is a strange shamanic Miqo'te, a traveler of sorts. Zorai considers him her brother and would protect him with her life.
Amida Lunn (Adoptive-Sister, Childkike) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Adopted by her mother back in Omma at an unknown age, Zorai has become to know Amida as her little sister, though not related by blood, only the kinship of their mother Noraxia.
Recently however it has come to light that Amida is not who she says she is... After showing her true colours, Betraying T'rau deeply, she revealed herself to be Suspicious Stranger.


N'shiki Talien (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Zorai grew up with Shiki and considers her to be her aunt, she's a great hunter and Zorai respects her for it.
T'rau Durnba (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
a deer freind of Zorai, they met when she was young in Omma having known Zorai's mother, Zorai sees him as a tursted freind and ally, someone she can trust her life too.
Jun/Theiolen Nakatomi (Hyur, Doman)
Cybrielle's other half, quiet and never looks at Zorai, at first she thought she had done something wrong, but soon she reoised it was just how he acted, since then they have become freinds.
Paran Hywel (Hyur, Midlander)
Joujien Ukenjino (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
A dear freind of Zorai, they met in a dream and became fast freinds, they often spend time together alone.
X'aros Jardin (Missing in Action) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
D'emi Rhoja (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Azranahr Stormchaser (Au Ra, Xaela)
A Storyteller and freind, Zorai has known Azzie for a long time, but dosen't remmber him ever aging as she grew up, tthey lost eachother a long time ago due to certain events, found eachother in Limsa Lominsa where she perswaded her long lost freind to eat a purple fish raw. due to recent events she is still somewhat scared of him at times.
Y'riel Tia (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
A Shy Miqo'te who Zorai calls 'Just Riel' after their first meeting, she cherishes his freindship and always makes time for him.
Aeomatra Staar (Hyur, Highlander)
A curious person to Zorai, they met soon after Zorai came to Limsa and struck a fast freinship, since then Aeo has taught Zorai many things.
Tei Rish (Deseaced) (Hyur, Hylander)
Mechanic and freind while Zorai didn't know him long she grew close to him, close enough for him to make a music box, given to him by T'rau when he passed away.
Dyolfen Bloodstone (Garlean)
A rather strange indavidual who's tallents take him in many directions, he seemingly works at the Golden Saucer.
Luca Blossoms (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Zorai grew up with Luca in Omma, they remained friends throughout their stay in Eorzea having adventures of moogles together, though she hasn't seen Luca in such a long time, she is presumed dead...
Kassandra Enora (Missing in Action) (Hyur, Highlander)
Former leader of the Black Diablos and Zorai's freind and partner in Hunting, presumed missing in action, left on a great hunt and never seen again.


Moltove Montova (Elezen, Wildwood)
To Zorai, Moltove is only known as a Pirate lord Molbury Tontova.. who's weakness is dodo's, she has yet to fully meet him properly, however the dodo thing may stick.
Batoyuun Qestir (Au Ra, Xaela)
One of the first Au Ra Zorai met, A silent character who Zorai thinks has something permanently lodged in his throat, they communicate through elaborate hand gestures, as Zorai thinks it rude to talk to someone who cannot talk back, half of the time their conversations are misinterpreted.
Caimeta Tigersoul (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Former Quartermaster of Haven, Zorai respected Cai for how organized she was, however Cai has not been seen in some time, presumed missing or dead.
Strangers (unknown, unknown)
An unknown entity known only as "Strangers", these people have a hidden ajenda which proves to threaten their very way of life.


Lunch (Companion, Rat)
Lunch, dubbed so as Zorai's emergency food supply should things become dire enough, However Lunch has remained alive throughout, the two met in a field on Omma, she found her beaten, bloodied and barely holding on, taking her home she cared for Lunch throughout the night, not sleeping a wink while she helped this little Rat back to health.
Lunch never left and despite having the threat of being eaten almost daily, the Two are great companions, Lunch is probably 6 years old, though Zorai is not sure.
Shaka (Animated Construct, Paper Bomb)
Created during the night, the Alchemist Zorai brought this paper construct to life, Shaka as it is called, has a soul, resides within a paper body in the shape of a bomb, often seen flailing his hands around perhaps as a form of communication, as he has no mouth, Shaka seems to like floating aimlessly near light fixtures.
Kupoklop (Plushie, Moogle)
a Plush moogle found in a dusty old room before the company built a workshop, the Plush was found with no stuffing, lovingly restored by Azzie.
Mogwai (Plushie, Moogle)
Mogwai, a moogle given to Zorai by Cybrielle, Mogwai sleeps with her in her bed.


Common Rumors

"She has a funny way of talking, sees the world differently"
"That girl with the purple hair and strange eye" The person jests to their eye "she's strange, says she sees things... gods knows where they are though"
"Saw her talking to plants one day, she was really nice, talked strange, but nice"
"Oh, The leader of Hearth Haven, She's a skilled huntress, you'll find them up in Lavender Beds, Ward 3 Plot 6 i think"
"She has a fairy companion that's always with her, they make a cute couple." - Girl from Limsa
"Oh Her, she has s strange way of looking at things, but a most competent student of Alchemy" - Alchemy Student
"She's some kind of hunter, she talks to her prey though, never met anyone who's done that!"

Moderate Rumors

"your the second one to ask about her today... Girl with red hair came by earlier, said she was her sister"
"Oh.. the Fairy?, i think she called it... Pina, but i haven't seen it with her for a while" - Girl from Limsa
"Naccal... Naccal.. where have i heard that name before, That discrased Seeker of the Sun Nuhn A'Naccal, Ledt his Tribe didn't know he had any kin left, Thals Balls i haven't thought about him in a decade, hows he doing...?" ... "Oh, you don't know him?"
"Carries book around with her but can't read, Can't read... why have it in the first place"

Rare Rumors

₪' "Girl got sad.. changed the weather with her... strange strange one that, stay away"
"She's strange... knows your name before you tell her an all!"
"Heard she lived with Sylphs for quite a while"
"Ahhh, Zorai, Yes, she came here with a fantastic new recepie for a potion, Twice the potency of anything we have here... haven't been able to source those ingrediants yet, not heard back from her source... Still, Brilliant girl, stay a while and listen, you might find more there"
"Now i remmber her, she saved me from a pack of Bandersnatch, i thought it was over but there she was, swooped in with no fear in her eyes and saw their end.. she looked kind of saddned but, i was glad to be alive"

Player Rumors'

"Zorai?! She is my best friend...The best person I have ever met. Although if you are going to buy her a gift. Don't bother buying shoes...she doesn't believe in them." ~ Cybrielle Durnba
"Sh' can see th'Song too, an' Speak back. S'nah much a Zorai can' do, don' le' th'ou'side fool ya~." ~ Izrikairin Rish
"Zorai?...She is...Heh-well. Pretty Amazing. Inspiring really. If you get th chance, speak to her. It might be confusing at first but...See what happens, you may end up seeing the world in a different hue..." ~ T'rau Durnba
"Such a charming young lady! ....Ask her on a date and I'll break your legs." ~ N'shiki Talien
"A kind gentle soul... though acts more like a sylph then a Miqote" ~ Dyolfen Bloodstone
"Oh Zorai? Yeah, she's a real sweetheart, will do almost anything for you. Don't let her look after you when you're sick though, unless you don't mind being used as a canvas for her doodles." ~ Azranahr Stormchaser
"She smells of jasmine and lavender~" ~ Joujien Ukenjino

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