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Ul'dah-transparent.png Zazanther Rerenther
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunefolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 32
Marital Status Single
Occupation Scholar/Artifact Hunter
Orientation Bisexual, towards Lalafell males but won't pass up females.
  • (Father) Alive
  • (Mother) Deceased
  • (Grandparents) None. He never got to know any of his grandparents.

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Basic Info

Although his name is Zazanther, he has chosen to be called Zanther to make it easier for others to remember. Born to simple parents, Zanther developed a love of learning and exploring old ruins. After an tragic event that drifted him a apart form his parents, he has started to explore the world outside of Thanalan. An acomplished Scholar, he has learned a lot. He always carries with him a special book, one that lets him keep all his memories inside and can only be accessed by drawing a special rune on the first page. Upon doing so he can use it to recall anything written inside. To anyone else, the words would be jumbled. He also always has on him a pair of goggles that he wears quite often, and to some it seems like they are almost always on. He is also an accomplished Miner in his own rights and what seems like luck has earned him a fair bit of coin over his ten years as a Miner.


■ Belah'dian. He is familiar with its history and language
■ Chamomile Tea with a dab of rum, a recent discovery in drink taste.


Forests, doesn't like being around a lot of trees.

Appearance & Personality


Generally his appearance all depends on what he is doing. As a Scholar his normal clothing is white, usually a robe of some sort and either an eye patch over his left eye or glasses, whatever the situation calls for. Is always carrying around various books, most noteably the one on his side. For hunting, combat, or reading old books he wears his special goggles found in an Allagan Ruin. For non combat, he wears a red designed top and black almos Kakama style bottoms. For combat, he use a chain mail body and same bottoms as his non-combat wear. He is also blind in his left eye.


He is often described as quiet, as he is often thinking if he's in his study mode. If he has his nose in a book, the outside world almost disappears around him and thus can be oblivious to his surroundings. This can sometimes lead to frustration of others as they feel like they are being ignored. However, when he is not distracted he is still quiet but willing to talk your ear off if you ever give him the chance to, or if you don't escape fast enough. He will fight if he needs to, espcially monsters if they stand in his way. He has joined in the Runestone turnament to hone on his magic combat, and the Grindstone for melee combat.

However, he does also have another side. One that can be possessive of knowledge and items. He has a strong desire to collect items and is not above using other means to acquire them if he can not find them in a ruin or buy it with gil legally.



Born in Gridania, his family moved to Ul'dah when he was still young. His father a simple Botanist and his mother a miner originally from Ul'dah. His childhood was mostly uneventful as his parents went about their business and he would either tag along when not in school or be in the Library reading. He was always a good learner and developed a love for books. He would spend hours in the Ossuary sometimes, just reading their various books. He would even watch them practice sometimes, and soon developed a talent for the basics, a fact that he hid from everyone until later in life.


It was around his teens that his mother started to excavate old ruins in the surrounding areas of Ul'dah. While dangerous, it did bring in good gil and the family was well off. It would be this time when he started to take an interest in ruins on the trips he would take with his mother. This would also be the time of loss and discovery.

Around 15 he and his mother were out in Southern Thanalan out in the desert. A recent sandstorm had unearthed some odd looking ruins and his mother and a team was sent to take a look. Intrigued, Zanther came along. The team spent several days outside examining the structure, looking for a way in. After 3 days of no noticeable entrance another sandstorm struck the area. After it had settled, parts of the structure were reburied, but others had been exposed. The new area contained the entrance they had been seeking. Taking the necessary precautions, they entered the structure. What they saw was beyond what any of them had seen before. It was not the usual Belah'dian ruins that littered the desert, but something more advanced. No, this was Allagan. The structure inside was immense, with technology not seen for millinia. It was also trapped. As the team split up, Zanther and his mother along with two other members explored a chamber. It looked like some type of armory, but instead of weapons it had armor of all different types, almost nothing that looked even remotely similar to what existed now. As the group was looking around, Zanther spotted an interesting pair of goggles. Without thinking he picked them up. Suddenly a alarm sounded. The noise was deafening and the weakened structure could not take the vibrations being produced. The whole room and nearby areas started to collapse. Even now Zanther does not know why he put on the goggles, all he knows that they saved his life. A display lit up in frount of his eyes. As he looked up and saw the flying debris, the goggles lit up the rocks and pointed to an area on the ground. Having no better options he ran, getting struck in the head on his way. He collapsed on the spot that the goggles pointed at. Hours later he woke up to the sounds of the rest of the team trying to dig their way in. The room was dark now but he could almost see it as if it was day because of his goggles. The horror was almost too much. Nearly the entire room has collapsed with large debris everywhere. It also lit up the bodies of everyone in the room. None were moving. Then the shock kicked in and he realized that his careless actions killed everyone in the room, including his own mother. After being freed from the chamber, an investigation went into the incident. It was determined that he was not at fault, as anyone else could of triggered the same thing, though he was forbidden to enter any ruins of Thanalan for the next ten years.

After the death of his mother, Zanther's father and him grew apart, but still on speaking terms. While his father did blame him for the death of Zanther's mother, he also knew that the report was right and could not blame his son completely. Several years later, after not being able to stand being near the area that killed his wife, his father moved back to Gridania. Feeling it would be better for the both of them, Zanther stayed in Ul'dah and kept a part of the family fortune so he wouldn't be at least living on the streets. While forbidden to step into ruins, Zanther did follow his mother and took up mining. Over time, he started to unlock the potential of his goggles and with their help he moved up the ranks of the Mining Guild. The goggles would scan the area and point out the various minerals and ores, not only the regular kind but also any of higher quality. After five years of doing this, he wanted more to his life. His love of learning and reading never left him. He decided to see the world.

Adult to Present

He soon borded a ship heading to the the Students of Baldesion in hopes of expanding his knowledge. He was also wanting to escape the conflict arising in Carteneau Flats. However, hours after departing, the Calamity struck. His ship was rocked and struck by a large ball of fire, exploding the ship and sending everyone and thing flying into the sea. There he would watch Bahamut fly over to La Noscea. Floating on a large piece of the ship along with a few of the other passengers, they were rescued several days later by a passing merchant ship that was searching the seas for any survivors on ships caught in the destruction. Thus he ended up in Limsa Lominsa.

With details which only Zanther knows, he joined up with the Rogues, viewing their style of combat and knack for getting into places useful. He also joined the Arcanist Guild, a place dedicated to reading and studying and also had practical combat abilities. It was while here, while examining crates for contraband, he stumbled on an old book. Though not contraband, he sought a way to obtain it legally. Thus he bought it and with dedicated study, started to learn about Ninja and their technique of Ninjutsu. Though he did learn from this book, it only told him so much, until one day. Since he chose not to have a place of residence in Limsa Lominsa, and had sold his house in Ul'dah just before departing a few years ago, he had been living at the inn, a bit expensive but he had the coin. The inn keeper had a message for him and a package. The message read "We have been observing you and you have talent. Here is some more reading material for you." Intrigued, he went to his room and opened the package. Inside contained another book, with another note inside. "Read and learn. We will send you more over time and when ready will send someone to further your training if you so desire." One more small package rested inside. Opening it, he saw a small stone. This was his Ninja stone. Months later he would have a second stone.

One day, Zanther was exploring Upper La Noscea around Bronze Lake. He was hear because the newly revealed Wander's Palace was just what he needed to get back into exploring Ruins after landing on the Island. Actually swimming across the lake to the middle, Zanther managed to reach ancient ruin. Inside the place was massive. It did not take him long to also feel like he was being watched. It was odd to be feeling it too, with the place being covered by the lake until recently there should be no living thing that didn't breath water inside. Then again, it could of been warded. He started to keep an eye over his shoulder. However, he still was not able to see the sudden attack from an odd and strange creature wielding a rather large knife. With speed that suprised him, the creature struck out. If it had not been for his goggles, he would of probably died that day. With just enough warning he was able to jump and only get a scratch that was just a bit too deep for comfort. Not wanting to see his chances of survival against this creature, he ran trying to at least find a hiding area. While running he noticed a dark hallway, and ducked inside quickly hiding himself using his Rogue training. The creature soon showed up and gave up the chase rather quickly. Zanther waited an hour before making his move, slowly. It would seem though, these creatures have either good eyes or ears for another one found him. Once again he ran, this time looking for a way out. He would need to prepare more then what he had if he was going to venture back inside. While he was scanning for an exit, he did not notice the floor as well and tripped over a protruding stone, falling forward and down a hole. The creature, deciding it did not want to jump down, gave up the chase. As the dust settles, Zanther noticed an odd looking stone that nearly found itself in his forehead had he landed differently. Picking it up, an odd sensation flowed from it into his own body. Much to his shock and suprise a flash of light came from the stone and there infront of him stood an odd creature. Glowing and flying with little wings, it spoke to him. " How long has it been since I was last summoned?" The thing looked at Zanther with a strange look in her eyes. "You are not my master. No, he died already. Died when everyone else turned continued to live. He never figured out how to reverse the effects of the afflicted. So, who are you?" Zanther stood up and dusted himself off. "Well, my name is Zanther. You could say I'm an explorer of knowledge and artifacts. A scholar one could say." With this, the floating creature flew right up to his face. "A scholar? Then that might explain the stone's reaction. Only people of high learning and an affinity for the arcane arts could even summon me. Forgive me as I seemed to have forgotten to introduce myself, for my name is Tilly. I'm a Fairy made from magic to serve scholars in matters of healing and other from of protection or enhancement based off the need out our masters. We have two forms, the one you see now is called Eos, with the other form being called Selene. Each form has a specific use as you will learn." "Learn?" said Zanther. This was a bit more then he had bargened for when he entered. "Yes, for you have the stone now and I am attached to the stone. I will teach you what I know over time and maybe, just maybe you can help break the curse that befell the civilization." Not really being able to say no Zanther had no choice but to accept the fate brought upon him. With stone in hand, he found a hole that lead to the lake. Taking a deep breath, he jumped out into the lake and into a time of learning. Now he travels the world searching for knowledge and artifacts that can gain him knowledge and power, with an odd partner.

Two years have passed since he has gained his Scholar stone. While exploring a possible hidden passage at Thals Respite, Zanther had a strange visitor show up. After talking for a while, the visitor agreed to help Zanther in finding the secrets of the passage. With some luck, they were able to find a hidden chamber deep in the hillside that housed a shrine to Thal, a relic of the Belah'dan Empire. On its neck, a necklace had been placed that did not look like the rest of the jewlery present. It also emitted a strange aura of aether, so Zanther took it from the shrine and has been studying it since. A few days later, the man Zanther had meet contacted him , and after some questioning and talking invited Zanther into a secret society known as the Order of the Stormguard. It was just days later Zanther would learn more about the orginization, even lending a hand in an endevor to recover the one relic the Stormguard treasured above all else. Later, Zanther lead a small group into the Sunken Temple of Qarn to recover wardstones to be used for defending and protecting their base of operations, and has succesfully placed them as needed. For now, Zanther is just waiting to be of more use, and has started unlocking the secrets of the necklace now in his posession. Though he is not sure for what purpose the necklace serves, it has been giving him dreams of past lives, which he thinks is that of the past owners. It has even projected images on the few occations of locked memories. Due to a change in leadership and other events, the Stormguard has disbanded and joined up with another group in hopes that their combined talents will server other intrests better.

Though reluctant to agree with the whole merger, Zanther dealt with these changes, though he still doesn't feel quite at home since having to move to the new base of operations, in the Shroud of all places. With his wealth, he started to look for a place of his own once again in Ul'dah. Still, the necklace was still calling him and eventually a small group was lead by Zanther back into Qarn and followed the glow of the necklace to the tomb of Sosocero Nunucero, an advisor to the last Emperor of the Belah'dan Empire. There, the necklace once again projected an image, one that left all there a bit confused as to its next location. The best guess was the old Stomguard Base of Knowledge known as Sanctuary. After some preperation, a small group entered the old ruins, which were over run with voidsent left over from the Sundering. After making their way in, and defeating a powerful voidsent, the small group made it into the mail library of the compound, only to find a glowing ball in the middle and a very powerful voidsent in the back. After a tough fight, and to the suprise of those there, Zanther banished the voidsent before it could wipe out the group. Aftewards, needing to retreat a few memember left while Izrikairin Rish and Zanther remained. Without warning, Zanther felt an urge to head to the orb, with Izzy (as he is known) unable to stop him. Upon touching the orb, Zanther blacked out. Several weeks later he awoke, and realized he was not himself but yet himself. He remembered who he was and part of his past, his long ancient past. He was an Allagen named Artamis who had made himself come back over time to see how the world was progressing. The necklace was just a means of unlocking the memories which would slowly come to him over many years. For now, he has unfinished bussness with a particular voidsent from his past. He was still Zanther everyone knew, yet now as more.



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◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■ He is lucky when it comes to finding ore and gems.
■ He is a winner of the weekly Runestone event
■ He is a winner of the weekly Grindstone event
■ He uses his healing talent to patch up people in the weekly Grindstone event
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■Collects some artifacts by not so legal means.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■ He is the cause of his mothers death.
■ His goggles are no ordinary goggles.
■ He has befriended the Brother Hood of Ash
■ His left eye was blinded due to a condition of use for his goggles.
■ His soul is old, an ancient Allagen who has retained selected memories after death to keep for when he is reborn again.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)



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