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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png U'sirajal Tia
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24
Namesday 6th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Height 5 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Alignment Neutral Evil
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationship status Bonded with U'kivi Tia

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U'sirajal Tia
Aspiring to be the Laziest



Sirajal has a bunch of books and notes that he collected, or made on his own, through his travels on Allagan related topics. They are scattered in his room and in his work shop that he goes to when he doesn't want others to interrupt his work.
Sirajal has a pet dodo, but has never once gave it a name. He just calls it "dodo".
Sirajal gives off the impression that he's always drunk, even when hes not.
Theres a high chance that he is asleep, even when his eyes are open. If he's not responding, he's probably asleep. If he's not moving but responsive, he probably doesn't feel like moving to another location.
Also goes by 'Sira'.
Hearth Heaven's dorms.


Height 5 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Weight He doesn't know.
Build Small / Thin.
Skin Tone Naturally bronzed.
Tail Lion-like
Notable Features: None.
Scars None worth noting.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Blond, with brown streaks.
Eyes Copper.
Notable Features: Facial markings to match his eye color.
Scars None.


Outwardly, he is a very simple person to get. Cheerful, air-headed, polite, Sirajal aims to be the laziest Miqo'te in all of Eorzea. Sirajal is spoiled, and he loves to show it while laying around and drinking literally any alcoholic drink he can get his hands on. However, he is also very dishonest. Most of his personality he shows to other people is faked. He views everyone indifferently, no one, other than his lover, receives any real emotion from him, including his brother. Sira hides his indifference and his obsessive behaviour behind the cheerful mask.
If he isn't lying, Sirajal is most likely not talking. If someone asks about his past, he will most likely stretch the truth so that one cannot tell what is real and what isn't.
During a fight, Sirajal may be seen as a coward, as he tries his best to avoid situations where it involves violence, because to him, its too much energy wasted and he would prefer not to bother with such trivial things.
It is hard to anger Sirajal, as he doesn't care about others, and that includes what they think or say.
He may act worried, may act angered, or may act hurt or upset during certain situations, but its only to make people believe that he is, and to gain benefits from those "emotions".
Sirajal is incredibly lazy, unless it comes to anything Allagan related. He has a strong obsession with the old civilization, and would do anything to study more on it.
Sirajal is outwardly polite, meaning he wouldn't do anything rude and tarnish his "good name". Being known as polite brings benefits.

Abilities and Skills


Sirajal avoids violence. He would prefer to use others if he had no choice but to fight, but that isn't to say he can't. He wishes not to injure his face or any permanent damage to be left, and thus avoiding, even if acting cowardly, is what he does best.


Uses a sword and shield, and can also use a staff.
All members of the tribe are taught basic uses of bows and lances, so he can also use those as well, though he rarely does.


With the training he did in healing magics, Sirajal mixes that in when he fights with his sword and shield. At times, he decides that pure healing and conjuring magicks is best, and when that happens he switches to his staff.
Sirajal had picked up some black magic use from a few travelers when he was in the Forgotten Springs, however he rarely uses them.



His lover.
Food, any, but prefers meats.
Anything Allagan related.
Sleepings, or generally lazying around.
Cute things.


Social gatherings.
Speaking the truth.
Helping others.
Bright places.
Nosey or talkative people.


Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Vice(s): Obsessive personality. Doesn't care about others. Wouldn't help if someone was being robbed / murdered in front of him unless it proves beneficial. A liar and somewhat of a manipulative personality. Would do literally anything to reach his goals.
Favorite Food: Red meats.
Favorite Drink: If it has alcohol in it, its his favorite.
Favorite Color: Red and pink.



U'sehtara Tia Brother. Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun.
Sehtara is the older brother of Sirajal by birth, from both sire and dame.
U'kivi Tia Lover/Bonded partner. Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun.
Kivi and Sirajal are not related by blood, but Sirajal considers him his as family. (Such as a married couple would.)


Sirajal doesn't consider having friends.




Common Rumors

"He's a drunk."
"He doesn't do anything but laze around."
"I hear he never stops drinking."
"Him and his brother are very close, aren't they?"
"He's a spoiled brat."
"He seems very polite, if you manage to talk to him."
"His partner seems to be doing all the work to support them."

Moderate Rumors

"He seems to like allagan styled things, are those replicas in his room?"
"I hear he hoards things."
"His brother lost control and almost killed him once."
"He seems... very open about sex."

Rare Rumors

"He has an obsession with Allagan styled stuff."
"...did... did his pet dodo wark?"
"That pet of his seems... a bit different."
"He is a liar."
"I heard he actually doesn't get along with his brother."

PC Rumors

"I hear he hates vegetables, the monster." -U'kivi Tia



When he was young, Sirajal looked up to his older brother, Sehtara. Sehtara was trying to be the tribe's healer, and so Sirajal wanted to impress him by following in his footsteps. He worked hard, and ended up becoming the "prodigy" of the tribe, making Sehtara jealous. Sehtara's rejection came off as disappointment to the naive Sirajal, so he worked harder to receive his praise. The more he worked, the further his brother distanced himself from him, which in turn, made Sirajal work harder at his goal. In the end, Sehtara left the tribe to find his own way, due to jealousy, and left his dejected brother confused and upset behind.


During his teenage days, Sirajal got close to another Tia, Kivi, while performing duties as the tribes healer. It seemed that, with each passing day, Kivi would return to him more and more for simple tasks. He would always find some way to get injured, rather it be simple scraps, a hunting accident, or just sparing with his brother, Odh. At first, Sirajal just thought him clumsy, but later seemed to anticipate his presence. If he never showed up for a few days, he would wander around outside until he could "accidentally" bump into him, and soon enough they became good friends after that. Kivi would visit him, or he would visit Kivi, on their free times.
Their friendship soon turned into love, and they kept it hidden from the tribe itself. It wasn't unheard of for two Tia's to sleep with each other, but the reaction is always different depending on the current leader and nunh of the tribe. They would sneak out in the middle of the night for their affairs, and speak of traveling to different places and exploring many ruins. Sirajal had interest in ruins, he would talk about how he would love to explore ancient ruins and find technology long lost, and books long forgotten.
One night, Kivi brought Sira a gift. It was a unique looking. A round small cube. Sirajal was fascinated by it. Kivi had said it was something that used to belong to the Allagan empire, but he wasn't exactly sure it was. He had found it in the desert while out hunting with the tribe's hunters. Whatever it was, it was broken and Sirajal was curious on what it was for when it used to work. He took the cube and began to examine it more carefully, taking it apart and putting it back together the way he found it. He became so fascinated that he forgot about any of his troubles.
Kivi had approached Sirajal, telling him he plans to leave the tribe, and gave him promises to return some day. He spoke of earning riches and getting stronger, so that Sirajal could live a life of luxury. Of course, Sirajal thought instantly of his brother, and even though he had loved Kivi, he didn't believe those false promises. His brother claimed the same thing, and he had never returned. He was heart broken, watching his lover walk away from the tribe. No one tried to stop him, not even Sirajal. He spent his few years alone, working desperately on that damn cube, and losing any motivation for anything else. His obsession on the cube became more intense when he was alone, as if thats all he cared about.

Adult / Present

Sirajal left the tribe. His lover wasn't returning, his brother wasn't returning, and the tribe life was not for him. They required him to work, and Sirajal didn't want that. He wanted a life of luxury, and to do absolutely nothing. He had heard of brothels from a passing traveler, who, jokingly, suggested that kind of lifestyle for him if Sirajal didn't want to do hard labor for money. Sex to him was enjoyable, and nothing important, so he took it upon himself and traveled to Ul'dah where he heard they were most common. He asked around, finding the most up-class, co-ed brothel available. When he had found it, it took him a long time to convince them that they should hire them. This was probably the hardest he ever tried for anything in his life, besides the Allagan cube.
When he finally landed the job, his life was set. He quickly climbed the popularity among the clients. He soon had his own private large suit, full of cushions, and lavish drapes and beautiful decoration. He brought in a lot of customers, new and old alike, and his personality was perfect for this job. He stayed there for years after, never hearing from his brother, nor his past lover, but his desires to see them were long gone. He was now living the life he had always dreamed of.
Sirajal got the cube working, sort of, during his time in the brothel. It can now hover and fly around. He figured that it used to be some sort of mechanical servant, but now it just spouts off "ERROR" all the time. He had to shut it down so not to disturb anyone, and work on it in private some more.
Kivi had found his way into the brothel, asking for Sirajal to entertain him. At first, Sirajal was mildly surprised, but he pulled up his facade of a smile and entertained him as his job entailed him to do. He treated him like any other client, and although Kivi kept trying to explain to Sirajal what he was doing, Sirajal did not believe him. Kivi continued to visit, and always asking for Sirajal, and every time he would try to convince Sirajal to leave the brothel and join him, but Sirajal was not ready to leave behind the luxury he had gained from working there. Soon. Kivi brought gifts, most Allagan related. He said, during the war, he had found many relics among the wreckages. Of course, Sirajal became interested in the new things he brought. He had found some old books, some allagan jewelry, and a few things Sirajal, at the time, had no idea what it was. Soon, Kivi convinced him to leave the brothel, and that he would always take care of him and keep him comfortable.
After Sirajal left, Kivi and him had done exactly what they had talked about years ago in their younger days. They began exploring ruins, Sirajal mostly aiming for those that are Allagan related. He became obsessed with it, everything fascinated him. He found old notes, books, technology. He found out that the cube he had was in fact a servant. It was a servant node that the Allagans used to help with their day to day lives. Although, he never was able to get it working properly, he was able to get it functioning again and put it in his "work shop" that he goes to when trying to examine Allagan items he had found. Sirajal found many things when traveling, and learned so much. Kivi was always there with him, protecting him when he got himself into dire situations, and even had a place for them to return to when they needed. Their home was now in a free company known as Hearth Heaven, whom took them in warmly.
Sirajal once found a dying fledgling dodo, and, in feeling sorry for it, took it to see if he could figure something out. Since it was dying anyway, he wanted to experiment on it and to see if he could make a chimera of sorts. He kidnapped a baby chocobo (whom was in fact healthy) and used it's organs to help support the dodo whom was dying from an internal disease. With the help of some mechanical parts, he was able to save the dodo, but now it warks occasionally like a chocobo, and it seemed to never grow any older than it was. Not perfect, but Sirajal loved the dodo anyway and kept it as a pet.

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Server Balmung
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Timezone(s) PST/PDT
Headquarters Cardboard Box
Location Lavender Beds, Ward 3, Plot 6