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The Tranquilzer

Itm Tranq.png

The Tranquilzer will put the monster (or you) to sleep.

How are they made

These are used to Put a monster to sleep, made from the venom of Dark Frogs and Black Scorpion Venom from Upper Lanocia Requires Two Tranq Bombs to be successfully thrown to work.


  • the Player must do a /random to get the Tranq Bombs to work
  • 800+ will result in a successful capture.
  • from 300 to 799 will result in a miss.
  • 1 to 299, you fumbled and Dropped the Tranq bomb. (Roll again once this happens if its above 500 you can pick it up and try again, if its below, your Tranqed)

Notice: it takes two Tranq Bombs to sleep both a monster, but you only need 1.