Sokhatai Borlaaq

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sokhatai Borlaaq
Art by pinxieheart
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Western Steppes
Guardian Oschon
Nameday 9th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Marital Status Bonded: E'vehlke Sohj
Occupation Huntress

Basic Info

Among the Borlaaq tribe, Sokhatai was well known as a successful huntress. Despite her diminutive size, she prides herself on her ability to track, stalk, and hunt prey much larger than herself. As her tribe migrated across the plains, she would take any opportunity to hunt large beasts and creatures, often taking on that which plagued or preyed upon other tribes. Through this, she had acquired a basic understanding of other tribes. Only very recently has she emigrated to Eorzea. After meeting E'vehlke Sohj, she was able to find work in the Maelstrom for some time. Sokhatai is now a huntress for hire with her wife, known as the 'Little Blades'.


Height: 4 Fulm, 10 Ilm

Weight: 115 pz

Complexion:  Ebon

Hair:  Black

Eyes:  Pink


Please note the following are commonly-known or easily observed traits in any public/social setting:


Learning about culture
Whiskey (small amounts)
Sparring large opponents
Costa del Sol


Loud noise or people
Cold temperatures
Masculine figures
Easy prey


Hunting, tracking, trapping
Flustering E'vehlke Sohj


Sokhatai has a very blunt and straightforward way of speaking, even if she doesn't intend to be, due to her lack of social tact and awareness. Most of the time, her face and tone of voice are void of emotion. When she speaks, it is in short and direct. Expression, idioms, and phrases of common Eorzean history are completely lost on her. However, she is active in her attempts of understanding these phrases and remains fiercely loyal to those she comes to enjoy. The little xaela is driven by completing tasks, no matter how simple, if she believes it will help her understanding of culture or will aid a companion.


Uncomfortable around masculine figures
Uneducated of Eorzea's history
Unfamiliar with Eorzean customs
Usually expressionless
Low functionality in cold weather


Xenophobic (around certain tribes)

Strengths and Talents

Skilled Huntress
Extensive knowledge of Au Ra tribes and customs
Bluntly honest

Abilities and Skills


  • Lance
  • Bow
  • Hunting knives

Adept at hunting large beasts, Sokhatai is equipped and skilled at taking them down. Her fighting style is analytical. She takes in the environment and her opponent at once, and seeks any form of edge to use. In this regard, she lacks a fighting form and sticks to opportunistic fighting. When fighting an opponent of equal size, she remains opportunistic, but is far less aggressive. She has a strong preference for her lance, but dons the sword and shield when a hunt calls for it. She is never without her hunting knife, which remains tucked along her right calf.


  • Aero (and only aero)
  • Ninjistsu

Having come to Eorzea with little exposure or understanding of aether, the little huntress has spent much of her free time reading and learning from others. From great mentorship, the xaela has learn to free-cast aero. After many months in training with her mentor, Archemides Fontaine, Sokhatai has learned to channel small bursts of aether through the art of ninjistu, and has adapted it to her style of hunting.


The Onyx Cross


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Sokhatai has a number of strange habits that keep her busy. However, she resides with her companion, E'vehlke and is not often seen far from her side. When she is alone, she has been known to hunt around an area for large prey, or tend to domestic affairs. Despite her stoicism and her lack of charisma, she continues to push herself (or be pushed) to speak to others and adapt to the customs of this new land. Currently, she is waiting for hunting opportunities to come up within her Company.


Sokha, Sokhs, Sokhaboka

Current Residence

Limsa Lominsa