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The Potion

Itm potion.png

Heath potions will be provided that will heal a Hunter by 2 points.

How are they made

This particular recepie differs from the standard Eorzian alchemy mix, blending certain potant Herbs, Purified Water, Gil Bun Mushrooms and lastly Nutmeg which is added to make it taste better.


Taking a Healthpotion heals you, or another but you foregoe your combat action this turn in favour of healing.

    • Taking a potion will recover 2 points of Heath for that turn on you, or a freind.
      • you can roll before taking a potion, getting over 900 will make your potion a Super Heath Potion Itm potion.png, which will recover 3 Points

Notice: in hot locations your Heath potions will do -1, instead of healing 2 will heal 1. to combat this, Drink a Cool Drink, the same is true for Cold locations, see Warm Drink