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Itm Onnausca.png

A powerful hallucinogenic from Omma.

How are they made

The ingredients of Onnausca are a close kept secret of the old druids of Omma.


This time honoured tradition, when a person takes a single drink of Onnausca it will educe a powerful psychoactive state which allows those from the outside to guide a person's experience. When taken the person will end up in a dream like state created entirely by those outside down to the smallest detail. Suggesting a monster will create a creature, suggesting they have freinds, will give them allies around them, From there those on the outside can give instructions, orchestrating the trip.

This was normally used to give a person a 'no-win scenario, a controlled environment where individuals would find themselves in a situation, and be made or broken by it. Hunters to this day still use Onnausca as an initiation ceremony.

Additionally, if taken at the same time. its possible to take advantage of the Drug's unique shared state. allowing more than one person to experience the same scenario. its theorised that individuals from within the dream state, can affect others.