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Omma Flag.png Neiri Lunn
"Are you sure you can handle this quest?"
Gender Female
Race Half-Elezen
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Omma
Age 28

Neiri Lunn



Neiri was born in Omma and served the great Guildhall located in Mo'urogo, As one of its many Guildmarm's before its destruction in 1580. While there she was incharge of Hunters well-being, seeing to quests they undertook and ensured their equipment was top-notch, even aquireing rare and sometimes un-atanable materials with her connections.

The Guildmarm: a somewhat ironic title considering their were many Guildmarm's on the Great Guild Hall, but now she is the only one in Haven Lodge.
Currently lives in Haven Lodge Occupieing a small corner of the Sofa during her recovery, she expects to be asked to leave once she has recovred.


Height 6 Fulm, 4 Ilm
Weight Currently Underweight
Build Slender but not a twig
Skin Tone Light, Fair skinned.
Notable Features:
Scars Deep cut on her right shoulder, Another on her Left thigh and back, they will heal in time.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Long flowing Black
Eyes Gentle green
Notable Features:
Scars Burn mark on the left side of her face, hidden by makeup.


Neiri is a warm and welcoming indavidual on the surface, she enjoys spending time with others and ensures their wellbeing to the best of her ability, but on her own she feels she can't always keep up... She is helpful, Formal to a point but can burn out easily, however with her recent imprisonment with the Garleans she has developed a colder side which allows her to deal with most things.

Abilities and Skills



Neiri preferes much larger weapons to herself, she has supprsingly strong upper-body stregnth which allows her to wheild them with relitive ease, she is however far from being a mster at any weapon.
Thanks to her time in Garlimond she has on her at all times Two ceremonial Daggers, they could be confused for ornate cooking knives if she didn't carry them on her back.



Addressing everyone with a tital.
Fresh scent of flowers specefically on a Windsday.
The number 8.
Always having a supply of makeup.


Disrespectful indaviduals


Alignment: Neutural
Vice(s): Old memories
Favorite Food: Anything Rolanberry
Favorite Drink: Hot-chocolate
Favorite Color: any shade of Green



Vlara'dana Nervan'da (Mother, Deseaced) (Elezen)
Otherwise known as Vlara struggled to raise Neiri, her lifestyle as a Hunter was all she knew, she could not farm the land.. nor could she fit into any other job, she tried to raise Neiri while taking local jobs, hunting close to home, this however left them on the brink of poverty, living in the outer-ring of Mo'urogo.
Jacob Moksha (Father, Deseaced) (Hyur)
Neiri never knew Jacob nor knows what kind of person he was, he left when she was but 1 summer old.


N'daba (Childhood, Deceased) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Description of Kinship
Zaxxon (Childhood, Deceased) (Hyur, Midlander)
Description of Kinship
Minko (Childhood, Deceased) (Lalafel, Dunesfolk)
Description of Kinship


Example Name (Relationship, Deseaced) (Race, Clan)
Description of Kinship


Common Rumors

"She's supposed to be a Half-Elezen, quite rare those are"
"Lovely girl, she has quite some stories to tell" - Shroud resedent.
"Worked for some Guild back where she came, must have been important i'll tell ya" - Shroud resedent.
"She spends a lot of time on her own, but comes to life if you talk to her"
"She is a great artist, just ask to see her work, amamzing job with colouring"

Moderate Rumors

"She can get you nearnly anything at a decent price"
"Supposidly, her connections 'back home' where black-market" - Drunken Hyur
"Some say she spent a lot of time around Zorai's mother when she was younger" - Slightly-sobour Hyur
"She hides burns on her face with make-up, shes some artist hideing those, near scared me to death when i saw'em" - lalafel of the Shroud
"She spent some time in a Garlean Prison camp somewhere... poor thing was worked to the bone" - Momo loloro Buscarrons Duthers Maid

Rare Rumors

"Apparently.. She killed one of her Garlean captors to escape, good riddance to em" - Drunken Hyur
"Lost all of her freinds when she was younger, poor thing, living through all that" - Unknown

PC Rumors'

"A good freind who always gets Zorai exactly what she needs, Fun to talk too and always has stories up her sleves!" - Zorai Naccal



Childhood on the Streets
Neiri's Father abandoned her when she was but 1 summer old, Her mother did the best she could to raise her while on the brink of poverty, She made a living as a hunter until one fateful day she was sent to Augae Village, she did not survive the Massacre.
Neiri was at home while her mother died, she did not hear of the news for another two weeks, by that time Neiri who was left in-care of the Guild Hall had developed a relationship with Noraxia Lunn as her Foster mother. Yet that relationship was nothing compared to that of a real mother... Neiri got into a lot of trouble while growing up, she stayed in her old house for as long as she could.. which was only a month, it was taken by another family forcing Neiri out on her own... she was taken in by a street gang and got quite used to stealing to survive, taking bread, water, those things she needed, she always refused to grab other peoples valuables, only enough to survive.
Trials of the Triad
When Neiri was around age 8 the gang she was in had split up, leaving her and three friends, Minko, N'daba and Zaxxon, they were incapable, they all dreamed of a better life together, something better than simply growing up in outer-ring, so they travled to another village.. at the young age they were they couldn't get work as hunters as they wanted, but they tried and eventually were working the fields. Months went by and Zaxxon had been leaving the barn house they called home when the hour tole midnight, he had been hunting at night, they found out.. only when Zaxxon didn't return.. they buried his body on a hill, overlooking the valley village they called home...
This was her first Trial, never go out alone.
Age 10 now and still in the same village, N'daba still had connections back in the city, His father was the 'big boss'... the group left to fulfil a job, one last and the kids would be left alone for good, they grouped up with a gathering of kids all around the same age as them, their task was to raid a village, get as much as they can.. leave creating havoc.
Neiri and N'daba were ordered to start fires.. and dispite their better judgement.. went along with it, the fires the started claimed the lives of one family... N'daba couldn't live with the guilt and wasted away.
This was her second trial, Never disrespect Life, preserve it where you can, never follow orders blindly.
Age 12, Old enough to Hunt, this was Neiri and Minko's fourth hunt, feeling cocky they took up a job that should have been left to the grown-ups, a den of vicious Monkies had cropped up, stealing food from the villages, causing fires creating havoc, they thought they could go in, kill them and go out... they managed to kill three.. before the pack came together, along with their large Alpha.. a torrent of fire came from the creatures Maw, incinerating Minko, leaving Neiri Burned, their knowledge their foes was lacking, they did not know who they were up against.
her Third trial, Never hunt unprepared.
The three friends were buried in the same hill overlooking the Valley Village of Kok'dora, yet Neiri would never again visit their graves... she returned to Mo'urogo, seeking help of Noraxia once more.


Hard work, Hard life
While back in Mo'urogo she begain working for Noraxia in the Great Guild Hall as her student she learned the values of healing, Care for ones team and equipment, eventually she became a Guildmarm, incharge of various Hunters of her own, ensurenig they got the best of their experence, however while a Guildmarm she was prohibited from learning a Path of the Hunt, as such she continued her weapons training in secret.


The Note: [Lost little Giraffe]
I hope this letter reaches you strong and well
My name is Neiri, I have been a traveller for quite some time now, ever since my home was destroyed by a great red-eyed monster that terrorised the land. we fled, many of us by boat, in the sky, we saw a single lonely air-ship, hoping one more had managed to flee, we set out using the stars to guide us, but they lead us to a land unfriendly, we were separated from other boats by the rough sea.. but that was not as bad as the land we had come to know, from the moment we made shore we were made slave to some man in armour, forced to build, to dig, to live in horrific conditions, we thought the life we knew before to be only a dream.
Yet even that too came to an end, we managed to escape, some of the prisoners started a revolt many escaped but even more of my group died, Now it seems i may be the only one left, I travelled South west and found this land, began to hear tales of great adventurers longing for glory, it filled me with hope and joy, then while travelling between a land known as Gyn Abania and the Black Shroud i began to see posters, hear tales of the Black Diablos, yet before I could find them, the tales ended, i assumed perhaps that they were the same Black Diablos from Omma.. Yet searching, searching i could not find, until eventually I learn you changed your name to Hearth Haven, a fine name, but hard to find!
I, Neiri Half-Elezen Guildmarm of the second class humbly request audience with your counsel of elders, i have been staying at Buscarrons Duthers in the Southern Shroud, I look forward to hearing from you
Neiri, Guildmarm

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