N'shiki Talien

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 N'shiki (Sae) Talien
'Hunter of the Wild Sands'
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania [OOCly Limsa]
Age 27
Nameday 7th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Occupation Artisan and Hunter
Server Balmung



Aliases/Nicknames: N'shiki doesn't seem to have many aliases at all, having no reason to have to hide her name. She doesn't seem all that bothered about being called Shiki by none tribe members either. Though some have over heard the name 'Sae' being used instead...

Current Residence: The Black Diablos Hunting Lodge. [Lavender Beds, Ward 3, Plot 6] Though she is constantly out and about in Eorzea.

Appearance N'shiki is of average height, an unassuming woman for the most part. Her long hair is styled in dreads, a few metal claspings and the odd bead or bone trinket here and there. Her skin is a reddish-brown, similar to sandstone, and her hair only a shade darker, the faint lighter lines of scars can be seen, a few on her face, but the rest mostly hidden under clothing. In the center of her forehead is a small, dark red dot, and faint twin tattoos decorate the sides of her face. Her clothes are usually of hide and leather, well worn but in good care and she almost always seems to have a form of weapon at hand. She is also very rarely, if ever, seen without a pair of dark-lensed goggles on, though what purpose they serve if any, is unknown. She carries herself with a confident air, yet her body language is open and friendly. She often wears a smile on her face, unless concentrating. Ever happy to meet a new person.


A very cheerful an upbeat individual, Shiki lives every moment, believing none should be wasted. Tending not to make plans, she can sometimes seem rather scatter-brained, but if called upon for help, she will do everything she can to make sure it's done right. She always tries to keep the others around her in positive spirits.



N'shiki fights either with fist weapons or short blades, almost seeming to dance as she fights. She had an odd grace that hides a surprising brutality behind each hit. It takes a fair knocking to put her out, either strong enough to take those hits, or far too stubborn to actually stay down. More than likely it is the latter.


When it comes to fighting, N'shiki has a nasty habit of charging in first and thinking afterwards. She has a very gung-ho attitude and can sometimes come across as over-confident, but, really it's the perhaps childish mentality that if you believe it, you can accomplish anything.


Building and making things, such as weapons and armor.
Hunting monsters.
Rock-climbing and swimming.
Helping out and meeting new people.
Exploring the land, camping under the stars.
Playing the flute.
Hearing heroic tales, and re-telling them to others.


Seeing loved ones upset.
Cold winter days.


N'shiki is a dab hand at creating things, be it something as small as an ink pot, to a broadsword. Having learned to make her own armor in her younger years, she has kept the practice and expanded it quite a fair bit, taking in all the strange creations Eorzea has to teach her. She also like to play the flute, though is amateur at best, and likes to read the fortunes of others. One of her favourite hobbies is to head out into Eorzea to find scenic places and simply spend the day there, enjoying the world in it's natural state.



N'shiki doesn't seem to have a biological family, atleast none living. She counts her family as the Black Diablos, a team of hunters led by her close friend Kassandra Enora. Shiki helped to found it when Kassandra first came to Eorzea, but shortly after, disappeared for a few months.


  • N'athanie Nunh - A Nunh of the Aldgoat Tribe whom adopted Shiki into his fold.
  • Zorai Naccal - A seer-like Keeper of the Moon. Shiki treats her like a younger sister.
  • Kassandra Enora - N'shiki's 'Boss' and hunting partner. They go way back.
  • T'rau Tia - A close friend that Shiki holds a friendly rivalry with. Likes stealing his shades.
  • Amiko Durnba - T'rau's other half. Though Shiki doesn't speak to her often, she regards her as a friend.
  • Aliannera Thornblade - Former lover and close friend. Currently missing.


  • None of which she is aware of.


Common Rumors

  • "Who? Oh! Goggles? Yeah, she's nice enough, comes into the markets every now and then... though what she picks up is kinda random." - Ul'dan Merchant
  • "Shiki? Yeah, seen her around, always in chipper spirits that one, and always helpin' folk, dunno how she gets time to herself." - Limsan Barmaid
  • "Hmm? Oh! N'shiki? Why, dear girl replaced my pots just last week! They'd rusted through, being so old, didn't even want anything for it either. Twelve bless her."
  • "Her?! Twelve, but she near drank a Roegadyn under the table a moon past! Didn't think she had it in 'er! Bwaha!" - Limsan Bar Patron
  • "Yeah, she's nice I guess? But her face would be prettier if she didn't hide behind those blasted goggles." - Limsan Lad

Moderate Rumors

  • "Mm? Oh.. why do you wanna know about her? She's all kinds of foolish, chasing after monsters, sleeping in the wild. You shouldn't mix with the wrong sort." - Motherly Ul'dan woman.
  • "Shiki? Sure! I've heard used to fight dragons!" - Gridanian boy.
  • "I've heard her called weird things. 'Hunter of the Wild Sands' or 'Wyvernian Artisan'. But who knows what those mean, she's far too young for titles." - Limsan Merchant.
  • "Huh? The Artisan woman? Last I saw her, she was scouting residencies out in the Goblet.. why?" - Ul'dan Merchant.

Rare Rumors

  • "Sae? I thought she died back... Where did you say you heard of her? It can't be the same girl, surely not..." - Limsan Sailor.
  • "N'shiki? Not sure about her, heard she ain't Eorzean that one. I mean, she acts nice and helps all the same but... can never be too careful with those not your own, know what I mean?" - Shifty Ul'dan citizen.
  • "Hmph! She has the Warden's own luck. Never have I seen someone walk away from some many battles with nigh so much as a scratch." - Elderly Gridanian.

PC Rumors

  • "Oh yeah, N'shiki. She's pretty powerful. Don't underestimate her. If half the stories she tells are true, she's one of the strongest people I know. Can handle a drink or two aswell, which is an added bonus." - Amiko Durnba
  • "She certainly does eat a lot..." - D'emi Rhojah
  • "Uh? OH! Aye tha' lass, she enarf feisty ain'she? Gotta say thought she were an angel from th' 'eavens till she socked me wun fer tryin' me ways wi' 'er back then. Mind y' gave me ah nice manly scar. Ah like me some manly scars." - N'athanie Nunh
  • "Hm? Goggles? Red hair- oh you mean N'shiki? Yeah I met her once, she spent most of the night drinking with my dad. You ever wonder where she puts it all?" - Zeik Durnba
  • "Aye.. i know that one. Came with me from across the sea. Not one to be trifled with. Took down a dragon using her left toe and a rock!" - Kassandra Enora


Not much is known of N'shiki's history, she seems a flighty one, hard to pin down. Some say she fought at Carteneau, while others say she had sailed out across the sea. Other's place her guarding Gridania. Whichever stories they tell, all settle on one thing, that she was never born on Eorzea itself.


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