Mysterious Stranger

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Stranger x.png

Things we have learned about this stranger:

Stranger x.png Like the strangers so far, uses majik of an unknown origin.
Stranger x.png Appears to be Hyur in nature.
Stranger x.png Has control over other strangers.
Stranger x.png Various Resistances to Abnormal status affects, Known;
Stranger x.png Sleep.
Stranger x.png Regenerative abilities.

Story Apperance

Otherwise known as "notible events"

First Apperance

Strange Readings - As Stranger
A Mysterious figure was seen at various parts during the manor search, where later it was found that he coursed a fellow hunter into joining their leagues, only to kill him after the hunter betrayed and tried to warn the Diablos.

Story Apperance

Savage Night - As Stranger
Mysterious appeared in the front garden, where he proceeded to make a demand that Haven release what he owned, after such, the house was set ablaze then from his influence.
Savage Stranger turned on the group. after the exchange, the Mysterious Stranger ripped the mask from Savage's face and vanished.