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For this template, you will edit the File:Stranger_x.png with your own image using the Itm_name.png file system

Changing the colours of the bars is as easy as changing this part color:#xxxxxx

If you don't have an icon for your artefact, you may always use this File:Itm_paper_?.png Itm paper ?.png

<div align=center><div style="font-size:55px;letter-spacing:0.2em;color:#xxxxxx ;font-family:Georgia;text-shadow: 1px 1px 5px silver">Artefact Template</div></div><br>
<p align="center">"<b>Artefact Description.</b>"</p>

==<div style="padding:10px 15px; background:#xxxxxx ;font-size:14px;color:#000000;">'''The Artefact'''</div>==
Describe the artefact and what we know about it.

Artefact Template

Stranger x.png

"Artefact Description."

The Artefact

Describe the artefact and what we know about it.