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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png K'eyiru "Keru" Lowry
Keru and Best hat.jpg
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24
Marital Status Taken
Occupation Adventurer, Healer, Highguard of Fortis
Height/Weight 5 fulm 3 ilm. 135 ponze.
Orientation Homosexual
  • K'arteh Tia (Lowry)(Father)
  • B'sholya Aneh(Lowry)(Mother)

Keru is a Seeker of the Sun, Miqo'te who is a healer by trade. He currently works with the members of Hearth Haven.

Basic Info

  • Pronunciation: (Keh-rue Lau-rhee)
  • Nameday: 15th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon 1555.
  • Laterality: Left-Handed
  • Place of Birth: Gridania


Watching Performers.
Magical Theories.
Fine hats and coatees.


Overly rude people.
Height jokes.
Being followed.
Cramped or small spaces.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Vice(s): Doesn't eat properly. Fine coatees.
Favorite Food: Buttons in a Blanket
Favorite Drink: Chilled Tea
Favorite Color: Red

Appearance & Personality

  • Keru wears short robes on most occasions, having given up on wearing sandals, the shoes he wears vary, he has only recently been seen wearing more armor like clothing though he does not wear heavy armor. Keru wears his glasses more often now, he also dresses in random colors. Keru has become a someone more mature person in light of recent events in his life, while he is still bad at catching on to a number of things(mostly innuendos) he has grown a bit more confident in his abilities and works to improve himself. Keru still retains a lot of his old habits, bad with time management, forgetting to feed himself, still pretty poor with directions, he has gotten much better at carrying on conversations as well as becoming fairly good at using his wit.



Keru was born as K'eyiru in Gridania to parents K'arteh and B'sholya, he was raised in Gridania most of his life. Keru from a young age was fascinated with the art of magic and wanted to train as conjurer for most of his childhood. Over the years Keru learned more about his family and how his parents were protection for a merchants caravan and how they traveled most of their lives until Keru was in the picture. It was then they told him his surname was Lowry, however he felt it wasn't true.
Around the time Keru was ten he had been demonstrating abilities that allowed him to manipulate aether. Keru's parents wanted him to learn how to use and control his powers and his mother wanted to teach him both Conjury and Thaumaturgy, while the Conjurer's guild would not except him, his mother taught him a few basic spells, much to his father's dismay although throughout this time he also began to teach Keru archery, shortly after Keru became friends with two local girls Dannielle and Gabrielle Mercer. While he was fairly shy and soft-spoken they acted as his sisters and tried to teach him how to toughen up and be his own person, and to not let others push him around.


Around his fifteenth year Danni and Gabi were missing and he had a hunch on were they would be, he grabbed his mothers wand and tried to go after them, when he reached them they were being chased by an ochu he tried to use a spell he was practicing but he unfortunately was unable to do it, his parents showed up and were able to scare off the ochu and save Danni and Gabi. After some of the townsfolk heard of this they were confused and thought Keru brought them out there, Keru's parents decided it was in Keru's best interest if they left Gridania so they left to Limsa Lominsa.
A year after they arrived Keru decided he wanted to be able to protect those he cared about and started training to join the arcanist guild and was accepted for training. Keru's training was smooth for the most part, Keru had two mentors, one who still to this day works with the arcanist guild, the other who had passed away. One of his mentors, Violenne a duskwight elezen, taught him a lot about magic and the views of her colleagues, which also helped him formulate his ideas. Unfortunately Keru experienced the darker side of magic when his mentor Violenne was tortured then killed by a rouge thaumaturge, it is unknown to the guild but Keru watched both the torture and murder of Violenne. Throughout his training he had learned many things and around the time of the Calamity he had a falling out with his parents and after the calamity he was unable to find them. Keru knew they argued but does not remember about what so he is unsure where they went and what happened all he found was a book of his parents contacts in other cities, throughout these years Keru had also been formulating his views and ideas about magic, while he also wanted to write two different books, one about all of his magical theories, the other an encyclopedia of sorts. Despite their disappearance he decided to stay in Limsa Lominsa for the following years and has up until recently thought it was an issue of them visiting relatives he has since decided that when he gets a little bit stronger he will go out to Gridania and see what people who knew his parents know about their disappearance.


In the year 1577 Keru had made the choice to go to Gridania and seek out the help of others so that he can get over his guilt involving his parents. Keru is also going back and forth from Gridania and Limsa Lominsa. Keru joined the medical division of XI:7 having spoke with them on a few occasions. After quite a bit of things happened to the company, he was trying to get closer to the other members, and for a while he felt odd around them, after recent events however, he quickly has felt as if XI:7 is his second home. Keru had begun basic training with the cesti over in Ul'dah along with browsing through the books owned by the Thaumaturge's guild. Keru seems to be all over, in most cases he can be found where ever there are books.
Keru had parted ways with his free company and has since moved to other aspects of life to focus on. Keru had begun his search of who had killed his mentor cycles ago look into details he might've missed, he recalled that she had an odd tatoo he had never really seen, having spoke with the little family Violenne had left they had mentioned to him that she left her study locked and no one else knew how to get in. After some digging Keru had learned she left a key with him and with approval from the family he entered her study to look around, to find that there were letters with meeting locations that have oddly been around the time she had taken him farther from Limsa. Spending weeks looking to the letters he had found he realized that a common meeting was in Ul'dah and went to investigate the place, when he initially checked the place out he had recalled that he remembered a time she and him were in the area and she had went to the meeting while he had mostly fallen asleep. It was there he had met Kylin and had discussed the matter with him. Kylin later proving that he was a member of the same group she was known as the Order of the Stormguard, Kylin had then given him a linkpearl to hold onto.
Weeks had went by and the linkpearl was mostly silent though he had received a letter from Kylin instructing him to meet at Camp Bentbrach, it was there Kylin, S'ereno, Moltove, and himself set off to investigate some a group in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. It was through the trial Kylin had attempted to teach the group a little about the stormguard. A bit of time passed as new memebers began to show up as well as they had an initiation in which they had become full members and received their tattoos. After a while things were going fairly smoothly although with the investigation of an amulet in possession of Kylin's museum his staff had ended him breaking the focus of said staff shattering as well. Keru worked with S'ereno as well as other members to get him a new magical foci made. Not long after he had attended an excavation of the old Haven having only to barely escape as well as the temporary headquarters being destroyed the decided to seek solace in an old storage house his parents owned. Within the next days or so the group had found a new haven to call home. Months later Keru was approached by Kylin along with Camille and S'ereno were all given their positions as Highguards, Camille and him being Co-leaders of Legio Fidelis. Keru in this time has also met with his parents for a brief moment with S'ereno. Keru has since assisted in recruiting a few members as well as helping Seeing Lyte save his newly accquired unicorn. In a recent event, a large change has occured, Keru was attacked by his so called sister and ended up being blinded. In the passing days, Keru's been very hurt by the recollection of the fact that he cannot see amongst other things.
Keru has since regained his eyesight. With the help of Moltove, Domri, Camille, Izri, Khuja'to, Nick, and Rhuya. Keru after speaking with Khuja allowed the keeper to handle his sister in the way he pleased, this resulting in her death. After this things seemingly returned to normal for the seeker. Working as best he could to keep the guard afloat. This leading to Keru join and work with the twins at their clothing shop, where he now in part owns.
Going to the Gold Saucer one day as he wished to have some time off, he met Metza'li there. The two spoke for a while, and after seeming to hit it off with the man, they became quick friends. Keru even introducing him to Khuja. Once more enjoying the conversations they had. This prompting Keru to ask him for help learning Astromancy. To which the keeper agreed. Under his wing, he was given both a deck of cards, and help unlocking the first gate.
The Stormguard has since merged with the Black Diablos. Forming the new Hearth Haven group. Housing them in the Lavender beds.


  • In most cases Keru will be referred to as Keru, unless someone who knows him closely or family refers to him as K'eyiru.
  • K'eyiru goes by Keru because it is easier to pronounce for some, and for whatever reason he dislikes his name, most recent records have him as Keru.
  • Lowry comes from a Hyur who helped Keru's family, and allowed his parents to use his surname if they desired to.
  • Keru is Claustrophobic.
  • Keru is slightly nearsighted, He can see faces though they are blurry, he seems to manage, This is also why he wears glasses while he reads.
  • Keru is allergic to shellfish.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I remember him! He's the one with the alcohol problem righ-What? Wasn't him? Huh." - Confused Lalafell patron.
"Oh, I heard he's some kind of whiz when it comes to magic, What's so funny?" - Hyur that made unintentional wordplay.
"Every time I've seen him he's in glasses, when he isn't I see him squinting." - Merchant.
"Him? He won't make it as an arcanist, he can't even summon carbuncle, the guild is wasting time on him." - Annoyed Hyur.
"Well I ain't a genius but, his hair don't have actual red in it." - Jack, The obvious stating Hyur.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I heard his parents spent a bit of time travelling, guess they wanted to get away from him." - Hyuran woman.
"Ok I'm certain he's the one that owes me money right? No? Who is he then?" - Still confused Lalafell patron.
"Oh, he's a sweet young man, but I noticed he is pretty quiet." - Drowning Wench patron
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I heard his parents were once great assassins and that's why they've up an disappeared, They left him though." - Doubtful Elezen
"He's a sad story, the poor thing lost his mentor. To what? I'm not sure." - Whispering Arcanist.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
((Feel free to add your own!))
"He's... well, he don't talk much at all, do he? I'm sure he's a darlin' but maybe he just takes a while to warm up to anyone." - Jajara Jara
"He really needs to work on his acting skills" - Xha'li Moui


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing It's complicated Poor Standing
Khuja'to Tayuun: A man Keru met in a bar in Limsa one night, after spending the night chatting with him, (and failing to catch on to Khuja's many attempts at flirting) they had parted ways, then months passed before he and Khuja met once again Keru going home with him and relaxing and speaking to him. In the months they've been together Keru has grown to deeply love Khuja and wants nothing more than to protect him with all he can, a bit to Khuja's dismay. Keru at the moment enjoys every moment he spends with the Keeper.
Orpheus Arkouda: Keru's trust of this pink haired miqo'te has grown incredibly since his blinding, Keru's enjoyed talking to him, and has even bonded with Orph over their similar romantic situation, as well as Keru has respect for Orph as Orph has made sure to assist him when they've spent time together. Keru finds Orph's humour in regards to Whiff refreshing.
Racilian Lyenum: Keru despite being indifferent with her around when they met he since has come to trust her wholly, and seems to highly value her presence.
Pepper Peppamel: Pepper was a friend Keru made around the time he went back to gridania, he has a good friendship with the lalafell and he knows that he can trust her. At the Full Moon Gala she had tried to throw Keru at many a woman.
Jajara Jara: This woman has helped Keru a lot, he found her to be kind, and she always worried for him, he trusts her, and knows that if she needed help, he'd do what he can.
Camille Everardi: Camille was an interesting person for Keru to get to know, he respects her as a healer as well as he knows that he can trust her. After getting to know Camille more he definitely knows her to be a good woman, and will definitely help her in any way he can. He also knows that she is someone that is extensive in her planning which is something he falls short in occasionally.
Izrikairin Rish: Someone Keru trusts wholly, finding him to be an endlessly fascinating individual, albeit difficult to understand at times. Keru was there along with Camille and Moltove to assist the birthing of his and Rhuya's children. Keru thinks that Izzy is a very kind individual and like many of those he cares for he will protect him without hesitation.
Rhuya Moui: Rhuya was someone he met early on in the guard's history.not knowing her too well but remembering the time she had some issues in regards to aether and the problems that ensued after. Keru knows her to be a capable individual and knows that she cares for Izzy. Keru finds their reltionship sweet, and knowing that she now leads her clan he definitely respects her.
Jun Nakatomi: Jun is someone that a place Keru is really unsure about. Keru admires the doman a lot, he also seems to enjoy teasing him about the things he's known. With recent events he's viewing Jun much differently seeming to grow more attached to the hyur. Worrying for the doman much more and even more concerned about his well being. Keru knows full well that he will protect Jun as best he could.
Metza'li Viqstra: A friend Keru made in the gold saucer, as well as asking for his mentorship with Astromancy. Keru finds the man's visual appearance to be quite enjoyable, as well as finding him quite charming. Even reminding him of Khuja a little. Keru hopes to help Metza'li as best he can.
U'sehtara Tia: A tia he met in the newly founded Hearth Haven. He's grown to like him fairly well. Enjoying the man's presence and respecting his prowess in combat.


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