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Sharlayan.jpg Jiao Stormchaser
"Stars keep you safe this night."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 30
Namesday 15th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Deity Nymeia, The Spinner
Height 6 fulms, 0 ilms
Free Company None
Occupation Wanderer, Healer, Assassin.

Work in progress



"Queen Jiao": Given to her by Amida
Jiao-Shape: A nickname given to her by Zorai Naccal She is unsure what it actually means, but doesn't mind it.
The Gathering Hall, home of Hearth Haven


Height 6 Fulm, 0 Ilm
Weight Skinny.
Build Somewhere between average and frail
Skin Tone Very pale. As a result of being out mostly at night.
Tail Long, serrated just before the point. Known to prod people with it when she wants their attention
Notable Features: Unlike most Raen, her scales are pearl-white.
Scars One single well-healed cut horizontally across the back of her left hand
Head / Facial Features
Hair Black, with red highlights. Usually kept short.
Eyes White, almost vacant looking with an amber limbal ring around them.
Notable Features:
Scars None


Jiao is one of the most tender, caring people you could meet. She wants to help everyone in Eorzea in anyway she can. She doesn't get angry often, but when she does it's because she's worried about someone she cares very dearly for.

Abilities and Skills



Star Globe: Used as a medium for channeling the stars' aether once it has been harnessed. Though she does not require it, the use of one magnifies her ability tenfold.
Daggers: Proficiency of small blades learned out of necessity to defend herself on her own in Eorzea, mastered when under the tutelage of Shinobi.


Astrology: Jiao is extremely adept at harnessing the stars' aether and then channeling that to use for sealing wounds and mending other life-threatening injuries.
Ninjutsu: Jiao learned to harness the life energy of the land and channel it into devastating elemental attacks through form of ritual hand signs while under tutelage of Shinobi.



Night Sky


Spicy Food
Sunny Days


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Emotionally Charged
Favorite Food: Fruit Salad
Favorite Drink: Anything Fruity
Favorite Color: Red



Abandoned as an infant she has never known any family aside from her Astrologian teacher, she never got his name and simply refers to him as "Master Sachaba"


Azranahr Stormchaser (Husband) (Au Ra?, Xaela?)
Chance? Encounter at Costa Del Sol turned love interest. She would move mountains for his well being.
Zorai Naccal (Friend) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
Met at Hearth Haven Gathering Hall
She's unlike anyone Jiao has ever met. Charismatic and full of life, Jiao finds her smile infectious and a pleasant company to keep
T'rau Durnba (Friend) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun)
Met at Hearth Haven Gathering Hall
Jiao feels that the tough guy exterior hides a softer side. She believes T'rau to have a heart of gold, even if he denies it.
Izrikairin Rish (Acquiantance) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
Met at Hearth Haven Gathering Hall
Jiao has observed him caring for Rhuya Moui. It reminds her much of the way Azranahr treats her and thinks of him as very good person.
Y'riel Tia (Acquiantance) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun)
Met at Hearth Haven Gathering Hall
Delivered a message to her from Azranahr. Jiao sees him as being a very shy, timid person.
Dyolfen Bloodstone (Friend) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
Met at Hearth Haven Gathering Hall
Jiao has met Dyo a few times, she knows that he is an engineer of some sort and that he works for the gold saucer. He's a little bizzare she thinks.



The Outsider
Abandoned as an infant in Sharlayan she was found and raised by "Master Sachaba" who adopted her, hence using "Sachaba" as her family as she never knew her parents.
Au Ra children are not common in Sharlayan, being a secluded nation. This led to her being looked at as an outsider by the other children. Most of her childhood was dedicated to helping "Master Sachaba" around the house and playing amongst herself.
As time went on she began to express interest in "Master Sachaba's" work as an Astrologian. Everytime she asked to learn about it he always dismissed her: "It's not time yet" "You're too young" "You wouldn't understand it yet" "Soon, dear. I promise"


"Master Sachaba" finally began teacher her around her 14th birthday. Though "teaching" may not be the word for it. Simply guiding her as she was already so adept at harnessing the stars aether it was as if she had been doing it her entire life. Everything from wound healing to card reading she excelled at by far.
It was also around this time she began to inquire about who her parents were. Having been obviously aware that Master Sachaba wasn't her father.


After years of trying to hide the truth from her, "Master Sachaba" told her everything he knew about her parents.
They are Doman Assassins. Exceptionally good at their trade, their faces have never been seen. Just tails donned by the same pearl-white scales that Jiao has.
What they were doing in Sharlayan is still a mystery, but she overheard a merchant talking about a pair of strangely dressed au ra with white scales boarding a boat to the land of Eorzea.
Jiao did not hesitate. She immediately packed all her belongings and left for Eorzea. A parting gift of a blue butterfly yukata and matching skirt was given to her by "Master Sachaba"
New World
After arriving in Eorzea, Jiao felt immediately overwhelmed. So many places to go and things to see. This is a beautiful land.
She wandered from place to place, using her teachings of harnessing the stars Aether to keep her safe and help those in need. She visited many taverns and inns and heard many stories and rumors.
However close she got, they still felt miles away.
"Great Importance"
She began to feel lost and unsure how to proceed with locating her parents. She hadn't heard any rumors or stories in months and was beginning to lose hope.
Following "Master Sachaba's" teachings she locked herself in an inn room and performed a reading. What is revealed to her was that she would meet someone that would grow to be very important to her in Costa Del Sol
She set off at once and when she arrived it was night. She propped herself up on a bench and stared at the nightsky. Shortly after Azranahr Stormchaser approached her and introduced himself.
They talked for awhile as she wondered "Is this him? The person who will be of great importance to me?"
New Home
After a date and a long talk about feelings, Azranahr introduced her to the Gathering Hall, home to the The Black Diablos. She met many new friends here, people from all walks of life and she started to have a strange feeling around them as if her conscious was telling her. "This is home now"
She returned to the place she was staying at to gather a few things when she was accused to stealing and a single cut was carved across the back of her hand. It hurt, but wasn't serious.
She decided to put off the search for her parents until a later time. She needs more information before she can pursue them anyway. Besides, she wanted to see how this relationship with Azranahr would unfold. For the first time in her fleeting life, she was happy.


Big Plans
Currently, Jiao resides at the Hearth Haven Gathering Hall helping all who enter and need mending or just someone to talk to.
Azranahr proposed to her and she accepted. She couldn't begin to express how happy she was. All her voice could manage was "Yes". Repeatedly.
She plans to resume the search for her parents and pursue some new leads after the wedding.
Jiao learned of two things recently, that she was pregnant with Azranahr Stormchaser's Child. And a possible location of her parents. Being the stubborn thing that she is, she charged off with Azranahr Stormchaser despite all the risks to try and find them. The two got separated during a bad snow storm and Jiao was abducted by a group of people she had only ever heard of through stories at the Hearth Haven hall, "The Strangers" and she was gone for a very long time.
Jiao's unborn child sang to Azranahr Stormchaser to bring help, after a fierce battle, Jiao was freed to the care of her husband and friends. A short few months later, Jiao goes into labour and gives birth to a very early.. but healthy baby girl. Jiao spent the next few days recovering, being too stubborn to stay in bed and recover she has been up and around. She appears to be fine, however.
Jiao is certain of one thing now. Regardless of what the future holds.. her earlier thoughts of "This is home now." have been confirmed.

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