Hall of Heroes

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Hall of Heroes

Insignia Rank Hero.png

A Logbook containing those who have done something truly great.


Insignia Rank Hero.png Noraxia Lunn, Former Forbidden Hunter who became Grandmaster of Guilds in the last days of Omma, died ferocicly protecing the people of Mo'urogo during the destruction of Omma
well known for fostering and raising children along with her famous potions.
Insignia Rank Hero.png Master Ara, On the council of grand Matriarchs before Omma fell, she aided in the evacuation during the destruction of Omma following the word of the Grandmaster of guilds, she managed to evacuate untold number of citizens onto boats, she died during The Massacre of Hearthlight
well known wisewoman and great huntress.
Became grandmaster of Guilds after the destruction of Omma, during the construction of Hearthlight on request of Zorai Naccal and the building of New Mo'urogo