Gyre Fyrinbrand

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Gyre Fyrinbrand
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Hearth Haven Guard
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa



Think about your average hick, you know the type. Slow-talking, undereducated, way too open with stories and anecdotes about the oddest (sometimes awkward) things, yet kindhearted and welcoming in that puppy dog way? Put that image in a suit of armor and you've got Gyre Fyrinbrand. He's an idiot, but he's big, strong, and nice enough to everyone he meets at first glance. Just don't get on his nerves.


An unkempt bruiser with a wide face and a thick, bristled beard. Hair is a ruddy reddish brown with occasional lighter highlights when out in the sun. Myriad scars marr his face, but his blue eyes display a kind soul behind the long hair that often frames his face. Occasionally a twig or bug can be found peeking from the strands, but he tries to keep himself as clean as he can when he can. Armor is pristine unless recently put to use. He takes great pride and care in his equipment. Clothing is never high quality, usually the barest thread possible at the smallest price accordingly. He may occasionally wear eyewear, but it's almost always "collected" from a job and rarely lasts longer than a few days on his person for obvious reasons. The man is a bull, for Twelve's sake.


Gyre is undereducated. He's the salt of the earth given a sword and shield. He might've been a happy, simple farmer had he not taken up the blade for whatever reason only he knows. Those circumstances turned a natural peasant and grunt worker into an adventurer with loose morals and even looser thoughts. He doesn't dwell, he doesn't consider. He takes a job and he does that job, then he gets paid and the world is right the way it should be. Disrupt that and Gyre becomes most "turbed", see "dis" and "per". A good meal and a drink, a pretty girl's smile, a well oiled sword and a sturdy set of armor are a few of his favorite things. Though he seems like a genuine sort, Gyre's time in the world has painted him in uncanny ways. He's loud and doesn't always make a lot of sense, prone to odd strings of descriptive language that may or may not mean what he thinks it means but he yells it anyways. His battlecries are legendary for causing more confusion than thrown fists. However, as if by some cosmic joke, Gyre's boisterous attitude doesn't transfer to his amusement. He chuckles, even when finding things hilarious. He smiles, instead of grins at most things.



Gyre is ferocious in combat. He's loud, aggressive, and surprisingly very good at what he does which happens to be hitting things. His kindheartedness takes a backseat to brutality in battle, often seen as recklessness with his own well-being but Gyre's never truly concerned for himself. In fact, it often seems as if he has no regard for his own life.



  • Getting Paid
  • Brews and Babes
  • Loyalty


  • Liars and Thieves
  • The Color Orange
  • Scented Candles


  • Smithing (The idea that hitting something to turn it into something else is very special to Gyre)
  • Aldgoat Wrasslin'. (Nuff said)
  • Sex (If you ask him, it's a hobby AND a talent)






Everyone is Gyre's friend until they cross him.


People who've crossed him.


Common Rumors

  • "Hear tell he was bit by a coliseum python down in Halatali. After seven days of utter agony....the python died."
  • "He wrassles Aldgoats, the durned idjit. Caught him drunk as a pirate in m'barn gettin' tossed about by ol' Bill one eve."
  • "A brute, for sure. However, he does the job he's given. What more can you ask for, really?"

Moderate Rumors

  • "I heard he got his arm snapped by a lummox in the Corpse Brigade, lost his sword so he beat the man half t'death with the broken limb instead. Kept deflectin with his shield arm and wailin' on the knuckleduster with the bloody arm. Disgustin'. Somethin' ain't right with that one."
  • "Gyre? He's a sweetheart! He comes round every couple nights with a big ole sack and he -always- chooses his best girl, don'tcha know. Buys his rounds, pays his tab and leaves a hefty tip; sometimes with a pretty flower on top! What a guy...."

Rare Rumors

  • "Yanno. Some say Gyre's old man was a warlord, favored of Rhalgr. How else could he be so stupid and so lucky! In fact, my uncle's old man's second wife says she used t'be a scullery wench for Haldr Stoneheart, the Roar of Rhalgr; and SHE says she thinks he had a son before the fall. Could be true.....could be true."

PC Rumors


Gyre was born to bloodshed, as most Ala Mhigans are. His life before his namesday passage was simple and easy though. His family caravan was destroyed, but he was saved by a neighbor's fleeing family and their carriage had just enough room for one young boy. At his namesday passage, Gyre was given the surname 'Fyrinbrand' as he courageously (and recklessly) jumped down upon a Salamander's dying body and forced it to blow out its last gout of flame upon its owners, the Amal'Jaa. 'Fyrinbrand' or Fire Mark became a part of Gyre's entire life. It influenced every moment of every day.

Each and every victory since then, from his time hunting Ceruleum among the Sandworms of Sagolii to his durance upon the Merry Maiden of Limsa Lominsa; Gyre has acted on instinct and bravado mixed with the battlefield knowledge of his passing decades.