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Featured Hero of the Month


A Record of Featured Characters


Featured Heroes are selected entierly at random using the Special:Random function, to include yourself in the running, make your own profile page!


HearthHaven.png Sokhatai Borlaaq
Among the Borlaaq tribe, Sokhatai was well known as a successful huntress. Despite her diminutive size, she prides herself on her ability to track, stalk, and hunt prey much larger than herself.


HearthHaven.png Gyre Fyrinbrand
Think about your average hick, you know the type. Slow-talking, undereducated, way too open with stories and anecdotes about the oddest (sometimes awkward) things, yet kindhearted and welcoming in that puppy dog way? Put that image in a suit of armor and you've got Gyre Fyrinbrand. He's an idiot, but he's big, strong, and nice enough to everyone he meets at first glance. Just don't get on his nerves.


HearthHaven.png Cybrielle Durnba
Cybrielle grew up very sheltred, kept inside by two rather overbearing parents, now finally allowed out into the world she's experenceing most thiings for the first time in her life, she reads books and thinks up the most fantastic things, she learned to fight with a sword dispite the protest of her parents, now she has applied herself and become a Ninja yet has asperations of the magical nature.


HearthHaven.png Azranahr Stormchaser
learn all about Azranahr, the dedicated, if somewhat vain, swordsman of Hearth Haven.


HearthHaven.png Zorai Naccal
Get to know everything about Zorai from how the Free Company was founded.. to her likes and dislikes.


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Who will it be this month~


This Feature has been discontinued.
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