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The Farcaster

Itm farcaster.png

Shattering a Farcaster will return a hunter home.

How are they made

a Farcaster is an ancient Hunters secret passed down from Chief to Chief and returns a Hunter to a predetermined point (Gathering Hall)


  • in combat the player must to a /Random to get the Farcaster to work
  • 500+ will result in a successful Farcaster use, teleporting the player back to the Hunting hall
  • 100 - 499 will result in a failed Farcaster use. the player will puff into green smoke.. but nothing will happen
  • 1 - 99 the Farcaster will Shatter.

Notice: if you roll 999 the Farcaster will take those around you as-well (even if they did not wish to go).