Familiar Stranger

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Stranger x.png A’nuhk Sagurban
Stranger x.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Stranger
Age Died age 27
Ranking Low Tier
Signiture Power Hunter
Familiar Stranger



Originally a member of the Diablos, who after learning of their plan made a deal to stop the strangers in order to spade the Diablos. He was promised if he gave them the Hunting log and they would stop yet the deal went sour as A'nhuk betrayed the strangers in order to warn the Diablos, however he was unable to, and lost his hand in the process. He did not become a stranger by choice, instead it seems he was forced into servitude via various means of torture and now appears to follow most any order blindly. this one handed man now watches the Diablos from afar. perhaps with feelings of longing, never to return.

In recent events A'nhuk Died, Killed in a horrifying experiment before Quest:TheHauntedMansion where a special herb was used to put him to sleep, however the dosage was too strong.


Height 6 Fulm, 3 Ilm
Weight Average
Build Undefined
Skin Tone Dark, though tanned by sun and sand.
Tail Lion-esk tail, floofie.
Notable Features: Missing Hand
Scars Scars on his chest.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Long Red hair
Eyes Brown
Notable Features: Wonky nose, broken on his first hunt and never set.
Scars Cuts on his forehead.


A’nuhk was a kind soul, who always had time for others, he would talk around the camp fire for hours, listning to others, telling stories of days past, always embelishing them, he wasa kind gentle man of Omma, a freind, a hunter and a cherished member of the team.

Abilities and Skills



Though not a dragoon he useses a speer that he was given by his father, passed along his family line.


A’nuhk has no magic of note.



Camping in the sands
Zorai Naccal, Freind.


Disrespecting the hunt.
Burnt Meat


Alignment: Good
Vice(s): Meat, any kind of meat
Favorite Food: Juicy Steak
Favorite Drink: Omma Mead
Favorite Color: Orange, like the setting sun.

Story Apperance

Otherwise known as "notible events"

First Apperance

Strange Readings - As A’nuhk
A’nuhk tried to do good by his freinds, by giving the strangers the book he bleeived he would be doing good, however that was far from the case, he was betrayed, used and killed.

Annotations & Additonal Information