Elusive Stranger

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Stranger x.png Jeff'ra Kree
Stranger Elusive.png
Survivour of Augae Village
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Stranger
Age Died, Age 31
Ranking Low Tier
Signiture Power Shapeshifting.
Elusive Stranger
Jeff'ra Kree



Named Jeff'ra Kree by Zorai Naccal, He is the soul survivor of Augae Village, destroyed at the age of 5 by a Hunter who came to 'save them' from great monsters that were plaguing their land. the Hunter ate at their halls, drinked their drinks... then in the morning left without a trace, leaving Augae Village in the path of monsters, Destroyed overnight, Hordes of monsters wiped Augae village off the map, Through the ages Jeff'ra Kree healed onto his hate, it became the driving force for all these years under the service of the.

Having turned sides Suspicious Stranger ordered Cryptic Stranger to kill him, recently at the Gathering Hall while talking to D'emi Rhojah Cryptic engulfed him in darkness, leaving only his mask. at which she disappeared, leaving naught a trace.


Height 5 Fulm, 9 Ilm
Weight Unknown
Build Athletic
Skin Tone Pale.
Tail .
Notable Features:
Head / Facial Features
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Pale Blue.
Notable Features: Wears his mask continuisly dispite no longer needing.


Abilities and Skills




Elusive learned to move flame with his hands, throwing them and conjuring them.



Cryptic Stranger, Freind.


Hunters of all kinds


Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color:

Story Apperance

Otherwise known as "notible events"

First Apperance

Double Trouble - As Elusive Stranger
Elusive first appeared taking shape and form of T'rau Durnba a high ranking member of The Black Diablos, While T'rau had been captured by Cryptic Stranger. Elusive's plan was thwarted as members found him to be lying, double so when T'rau himself returned to the Hall. Elusive attacked, knocking T'rau unconscious, unable to escape Elusive fought our Heroes, Almost winning the battle, gravely wounding some. Alas, with a blow to the head Tierala Brewer managed to subdue Elusive. after being detained D'emi Rhojah broke his kneecaps.

Story Apperance

Annotations & Additonal Information