Elemental Slime

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Elemental Slime
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The Blobish creatures which either escaped or roam the land, they hold inside them Aetherically charged crystals and seem to know how to use them, their coloration and attacks appears to be affected by which crystal they hold inside their bodies.

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Health: 5 Points.

This monster will attack after each of your attacks with various projectiles and will only hit for 1 damage

  • Elemental Beams: an attack keyed towrads the element they hold within them, it fires a straght forward beam towards a person.
  • Elemental burst: a burst of energy released all around itself, it attacks multiple people, Roll higher than the DM's /Random to escape its wrath.
  • Poison Pool: a pool on the ground that will erupt into poison gas reducing your rolls by -200
  • Any physical attacks (using fists, legs ect) must roll above 300 to not get stuck in its slimy slimy body.

Itm D20.png
Additional Information

Roll once more for how many Monsters their are.

  • 1/299 = No Additional Monsters
  • 300/599 = 1 Additional Monster (with exactly 3 health)
  • 600/999 = 2 Additional Monsters (with exactly 2 heath)

Feild Notes

In this section, jot down any notes you may have on the monster.