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Some feature mystery yellow pieces.

Itm poop 2.png
The Dung Bomb

Itm poop.png

The Dung bomb, releases a powerful odour.

How are they made

Dung bombs are made from Chocobo poo, that is all. Notice: Haven recive all their dung from a certain Au'ra who always has 'the good stuff'


  • the Player must do a /random to get the Dung Bomb to work
  • 500+ will result in a successful pooing and the creature will run.
  • 300 - 499 you missed, the Dung Bomb exploded Chocobo poop in the nearby airea.. coating what it hit in poop... how... unfortunate.
  • 1- 299 you fumbled.. dropping the poo on yourself, the monster leaves out of disgust.

Notice: if you roll a 999 the doer is so pungent that the Monster will collapse, allowing a Trapping opportunity.