Curious Stranger

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Stranger x.png Curious Stranger
Stranger Curious.png
"Aren't you a curious one"
Gender Female
Race Au'Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Stranger
Age Looks 59, Unknown
Ranking Low Tier
Signiture Power Alchemy, Abominations
Curious Stranger



Curious grew up in a wondering clan yet did not agree with these ways, the land was far too curious for her, the land, the animals, she was not content simply hunting, being but a healer, throwing away these ideals in search if knowladge. she found Alchemy a curious subject. then they found dragons, curious still. the way they spoke to eachother in song. her research has lead her down many pathes. but when she was taken in by the strangers, unlimited resources allowing her curiosity to reach many roads.


Height 5 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Weight Underweight
Build Frail
Skin Tone Green hues
Tail Single row of scales.
Notable Features: very short tail.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Faded grey with slight black tips
Eyes Blue, with faded edges
Notable Features:


Abilities and Skills


Curious has no innate majic, stead uses constructs of alchemy, creatures deformed and ugly to fight for her. they were once people turned into abominations


Using various potions Curious inflicts AoE alements upon the group.

Itm curious black.png Black Potion
Releases a black smog upon the party in an airea around where it lands. this causes drowsyness, sickness. causing Minus 100 to all combat rolls
Itm curious blue.png Blue Potion
releases a blue fog that blinds in an aidea around where it lands, this causes blindness and gives a minus 100 to all rolls
Itm curious green.png Green Potion
The Green potion releases a pool of acid that affects the airea where it lands, the toxic fumes are enough to make one vomit, get this off as quick as possible. unaspected dammage with a chance of reducing heath of each person by 1 for fone full rotation
Itm curious orange.png Orange Potion
Releases a brilliant single target flame
Stranger x.png Unknown Potion
Turns living creatures into abominations.


Curious will fight with Abominations that appear to have once been people, often seen in lab coats, perhaps these were past assitants, though it also appears as though she can turn monsters on the feild into simmilar abominations, they stand approximitly 15ft tall and are suusally coated in a strange viscus slime, a bi-product from the potions she uses to inflict the transformation process.

Known Abominations

  • Doglike
    • has the stature of a dog, great forward claws that ripple with moving muscles yet one can quite easily see bones sometime, their howel is dangerious and can casue a knockback but watch out for the claws. they are dangerious.
  • Snakelike
    • Wriggiling monstrocities with tendrils and snake heads, once it gets you in its grasp it can squeeze quite tight, it spits acidic secretions which are an AoE. additonally if a head is destroyed it will do a simmilar AoE causing dammage.



Curiosity in others
Potions, Lotions




Vice(s): Spiced Tea
Favorite Food: Fruits
Favorite Drink: Lemon Juice
Favorite Color: Brown

Story Apperance

Otherwise known as "notible events"

First Apperance

Gentle Dragonsong - As Curious Stranger
Quest description.

Annotations & Additonal Information

As our heroies learened during thier recent ecounter with Curious, she may nt be entirely 'real', having survived having her hand removed by Azzies attack, Stabbed clean through the back by Jiao and shot in the abdomen by Dyolfen, a rather odd absence of blood, its clear she is a rather curious one.