Curious Potion

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Curious Stranger's Potion collection

Itm curious black.pngItm curious blue.pngItm curious green.pngItm curious orange.png

A truly curious Potion collection

Curious Potion Collection

Using various potions Curious inflicts AoE alements upon the group.

Itm curious black.png Black Potion
Releases a black smog upon the party in an airea around where it lands. this causes drowsyness, sickness. causing Minus 100 to all combat rolls
Itm curious blue.png Blue Potion
releases a blue fog that blinds in an aidea around where it lands, this causes blindness and gives a minus 100 to all rolls
Itm curious green.png Green Potion
The Green potion releases a pool of acid that affects the airea where it lands, the toxic fumes are enough to make one vomit, get this off as quick as possible. unaspected dammage with a chance of reducing heath of each person by 1 for fone full rotation
Itm curious orange.png Orange Potion
Releases a brilliant single target flame
Stranger x.png Unknown Potion
Turns living creatures into abominations.