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Full Name: Camille Charlotte Everardi Nicknames: Cami, Cam Pronunciation: Kah-me-elle Evv-eh-ar-dee


Height: 5' 4"

Weight: ~124

Body: Semi-athletic

Hair: Rose with pink highlights

Eyes: Sea Green, though one is faintly lighter if you look closely.

Skin: Pale. She sunburns very easily.

Clothing: Loose and flowing tends to be her favorite. Loves jackets, especially soft velveteen or smooth worn leather. Typically carries a book everywhere and a small pistol.

Marks: A small heart shaped birthmark on her left hip. She also bears a large runic seal scar on her back.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Music, Snow, Rain, Storms, Soft Things, Poetry, Riddles

Dislikes: Spiders, Heights

Growing up in Limsa, Camille was an extroverted child that admired her older siblings immensely and was fiercely loyal to her friend Zarik. She desired to follow in her older brother's footsteps and become a bard, though still holding some interest in aetherial arts after her sister. Her father was an officer in the 'Cudas of Limsa and her mother was a bureaucrat with the arcanists. She enjoyed a cheerful childhood of adventures and music with Zarik. However both her brother and sister were misplaced in the Calamity and her family moved to Gridania to 'recover'.

She spent most of her time in Gridania learning at the Fane, expanding a natural gift for healing. A little after her 17th namesday Camille met a precocious young miqo'te named R'kyala who had left the deserts of Thanalan to explore the world. They took up the bow and decided to explore the mysteries of Eorzea together while continuing to search for Cam's siblings. Unfortunately R'kyala had to return to her tribe.

She has since reunited with her elder sister, though their relationship remains strained. She's also come across a highlander that could be a copy, if a little older, of her brother. Camille resides within the Lavender Beds and devotes the majority of her time to scholarly pursuits, as well as collecting or studying things which probably ought be left alone. She still remains musically inclined and has been playing more frequently since having accompaniment to her harpsichord. She has also joined a rather infamous or perhaps famously not famous group of artifact collectors and monster hunters. The more interesting of her latest affiliations may be with a group called the Collective, which finally lets her consider a few arts and a few tactical thoughts she typically demurred over. It is thanks to them she met Enkhjargal, with whom she now explores the world.


Charlotte Everardi – Mother
Victor Everardi – Father
Octavian Verloren - Half-Brother (assumed deceased after the Battle of Carteneau)
Valena Verloren - Cam's older half-sister, though Camille doesn't like to make the distinction. They lacked a relationship due to the great age difference. Valena was moved forward in time from the calamity and returned suddenly into Camille's arms. Though barely recognizing each other, Camille is happy to have her sister back, but has realized she returned very broken and is becoming increasingly afraid of/for her.
Domri Blackblade The big brother. A rather terse, but still soft hearted Highlander. Cam solidly views him as her older sibling, follows him around duckling style when she can get away with it, and tries to get him to read more.

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The Beau

Enkhjargal Dalamiq Intelligent, distant, bemusing, witty, handsome, utterly fascinating. Something about him makes Cam want to ask every question that pops into her head and he indulges her with a response each time. She thinks he carries a little too much guilt from his past. They've grown very close, to the point she thinks of him as beyond her best friend and confidante. She adores him, though their relationship is something that seems to draw surprise from their friends. Always there with a thoughtful comment, lack of judgement on her train of thought, and can reach the highest shelf. Also an irresistible tail.

Friends [Slow to update : please forgive me <.<;]

Barengar Armsbreaker Domri's favored colleague for jobs. He's odd, non-talkative, but seems to respect Cam's knowledge of aether. Not the best at taking subtle advice, though Cam probably shouldn't offer it. Also a solid shield and decent listener.
Batoyuun Qestir Sokha's silent, lanky companion. Watchful but has a sense of humor for someone that doesn't speak.
Cybrielle Durnba Icecream!! Adorable, goofy, another R'kyala. Ready for adventure and best accomplice for silly, sneaky plots.
E'kari Amane The very adorable, overly polite and formal apprentice to Enkh and significant other of Vektis. She's always kind and Cam loves getting to chat with her. Soon to have triplets?
Enla Kertuh Nick's quiet, but witty lover. Keeps Nick balanced somehow and it's a miracle. Excellent healer.
Izrikairin Rish Many personalities and hectic because of it. Eternally fascinating.
Jancis Milburga The exceedingly kind ladyfriend of Barry. She's pleasant to drink tea with and even better to bounce idea off of. Cam doesn't get to see her or her monosyllabic Barrybeau nearly enough.
Kaguya Nightsong The second AuRa Cam ever met. Another mechanically minded and interesting individual that's moved into Domri's house. Flower's quirky, has a weird sense of humor, and causes explosions. She's become someone Cam refers to as a friend.
Keru Lowry Cam's fellow officer in the Guard. Soft spoken, thoughtful, calm natured, and fabulous taste in hats. Puns. Forever puns. But the best to chat with when you 're feeling down.
Khuja'to Tayuun Sibling-friend, the grumpier but still kind natured one. Loves animals, makes the best lunches, has lots of boyfriends that agree with Cam that Khuja doesn't eat enough.
Nichlas Graveshire Tremendous jackass, great doctor, owns way, way too many cats. Good for advice when he's not giving you the wrong kind just to see what the outcome will be.
R'das Sahazrh Interesting, inventive, Allagan. Camille helped her with an odd affliction and got to know her from there. The miqo ends up concussed far too often and Cam worries over her. Especially since Das also ends up depressed far too frequently. However she's incredibly clever and always wonderful to chat with.
Reina Sol An archer and now fellow lover of revolvers. The quiet Au Ra always has something witty to say when she does say it and is much driven mad by her brother Vektis apparently.
Reppu Hijiri A reunited friend. Cam is working to rebuild the bridge accidentally maimed upon her joining Stormguard. Probably a little too fascinated with her sudden loss of glamours revealing Reppu to be an Au Ra. The pink haired Doman is a treasure and always full of adventure.
Rhuya Moui Prankster Keeper and responsible clan leader. An amazing guide and perfect shot when you need a bow. Has your back. Izzy's mate.
R'kyala Mahji A fun filled Seeker girl,Camille follows her gregarious friend on her adventures and mysteries. She also relies on her friend to remember new acquaintances' names and to break the ice in conversations.
Sokhatai Mol The horse-mistress and surprisingly well read, if rather randomly aggressive Au'Ra is a delight. Gifted Cam a horse. Knows Theio's past.
Theiolen Nakatomi Cagey, secretive, quiet young Doman. He's still a sweethearted guy, though he's a bit frighteningly good at silently killing someone.
Tyo'li Tayuun Strange, dead, hilarious, laughs at Cam's terrible jokes, and approves of explosions. Also doesn't mind her adoration for magitek and the desire to augment random things with it. Like himself.
Vektis Sol The Bestest is his cry. He's odd, but funny and very cheery. Though his greeting is startling, he's definitely fun to have around and gets her gargoyle like beau to perk up and thus is eternally welcome.
Virella Douront Domri's Ishgardian lover. Pleasant if pompous. Incredibly intelligent, if a bit closeminded in regards to other races. Cam likes still likes to listen to her describe astrology and Ishgard.
Zalitai Dalamiq An odd AuRa Scholar of the arcane and unknown. Fascinating, both obtuse and blunt at the same time. Very, very purple.
Zorai Naccal Sweet, caring, nice, nutterbutters. She's strange, speaks like a sylph is sleepwalkingl, but always seems to have everyone's best intentions at heart.


Clalaris Sil Laris Camille adores the mysterious lalafell, especially as they share a love of cute plushies and healing arts. She still doesn't understand her hesitance and paranoia around new people though.
Eamont Desormaux A fatherly figure, Cam respects the elezen and loves how often L'hyta teases the man.
Elros Ama'yeth Dramatic, but fun. Kylin's love.
Enju Abbagliato The ex and first lover. Their breakup was amicable then quickly cold, mostly due to Cam's fault of neglecting what was left of their friendship.
K'hane Tariq Sazhi'to's somewhat mysterious wife. A fellow lover of history, Camille likes the woman.
L'yhta Mahre A spontaneous, clever, and incredibly excitable miqo'te. Camille respects he aetheric knowledge immensely and loves how much she reminds of her Kyala's bubbliness.
Moltove Mon'tova Wonderfully goofy, and kind to a fascinating fault. Camille adores his enthusiasm, especially in regards to his fascination with scholarly pursuits. Also fellow officer of the Guard.
Rosamund Cartwright Cam can't help but enjoy the entertaining company of the cheery, fun hyur. She seems much more worldly and wiser about every social connection to be needed in Eorzea.
S'aigyouji Miya A goofy young miqo'te that reminds Cam of Kyala. A charming acquaintance.
Sazhi'to Bajhiri An amusingly shy gentleman, Cam loves to listen to him discuss seals and arcanistry.
S'ereno Tia A confusing once-love that claimed he could never truly reciprocate her affections nor accept hers properly. While she'll forever care for him, he's since disappeared completely from her life.
Seth Honeybrew Intimidating, amusing, and weird, Cam likes Clalaris's often explosive fiance.
Zarik Sylvora Camille's childhood best friend. She stumbled across him playing a flute one night and the pair became inseparable for a time. After she moved the two kept up with one another for five years through letters. She has since been reunited with him in Limsa Lominsa much to her delight. She's unsure how to deal with his occasional unease with her now and the little lies he keeps up. Camille tried to remain close, but finds the sudden lack of his friendship unsettling. He's simply gone?


??? Far Eastern Group ??? - A group of individuals well aware of 'the truth' within Reppu, and are actively seeking it.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Hangs out with the most boisterous little miqo'te. Let's the little one drag her into everything."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Ah, one of the odd kids that went asking around after mysterious folk in the Shroud. Wonder if she ever found 'em."

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"Seems to get into things a young lady really shouldn't be readin about... Askin weird questions... Very odd streak in that one."


PC Rumors (Other Characters) "She's smart, funny, and much better at thinking through things than I am -- though I've never seen someone be so afraid of her own sister!" -- L'yhta Mahre

Wiki Credit: Jariana Rinjahl & Reppu Hijiri

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Camille Everardi
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 20
Namesday 20th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Occupation Scholar / Healer