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 Caiemita Tigersoul
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Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship She's not telling
Age 31
Namesday 3rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

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Hearth Haven Quartermaster



Caiemita Tigersoul, Jill of all trades. A former courier who now serves as the company Quartermaster.

Cai: Shortened form of her name used by... Well, pretty much everyone.
Currently lives in the Hearth Haven company estate, having turned the company stock room into her office and sleeping quarters. She is often away gathering supplies though.


Height 5 Fulm, 3.8 Ilm
Build Slim, slightly muscular.
Skin Tone Light
Tail Red with gold tip
Notable Features:
Head / Facial Features
Hair Red with blonde highlights, currently tied back in a ponytail.
Eyes Red left eye, gold right eye
Notable Features:
Scars Small scar on her right cheek


Abilities and Skills


Cai is a skilled fighter, having redoubled her training after the death of her husband and the birth of her child. She is hellbent on learning everything the guilds of Eorzea have to offer, so that she can teach her son and niece when they're old enough. She also insists on making her own equipment wherever possible, and thus has a great deal of skill as an artisan.


Axe: Cai is exceptionally skilled with the Marauder's art, laying waste to all around her with her heavy axe. Has been known to chase Zorai around the company estate with axe in hand for licking her ear.
Daggers: Cai's other weapon of choice is the twin daggers wielded by the Rogue's guild. Cai favours a slash-and-dash approach when using these, utilising her speed as much as possible.
Sword: Cai has some training in swordplay, using both the Gladiator's sword and shield, and the Dark Knight's greatsword with equal skill. She still has a way to go before she is able to match her axeplay though.
Bow: Cai has studied archery and is decently proficient with a bow. She has recently started learning the arts of the Bard, but her singing voice has a long way to go yet.
Lance: Cai's time with the Lancer's guild in Gridania was well spent. She is swift to exploit openings in her enemy's guard, but she still needs to work on her striking power.
Fists: When all else fails, punch things. The Ul'Dah Pugilist's guild made sure that Cai's fists could make short work of most foes, and she has become suitably adept in their fighting style.
Rifle: A recent addition to Cai's arsenal, the Machinist weapon is one that she still needs a great deal of practice with. Her aim is pretty decent though...


Summoning: Cai is a master Summoner, commanding primal Egis with familiar ease, and even being able to tap into the power of the Elder Primal, Bahamut... Albeit only for very short bursts.
Healing: Though not particularly confident in her skills, Cai is a proficient healer... At least when she has a certain Scholar's fairy to help her out. Her use of Conjury still needs a lot of work.
Thaumaturgy: Cai's command of the destructive elements is fairly basic, but she is proficient enough to hold her own. With time, her power will grow.
Astrology: Cai is still trying to wrap her head around the basics of the Astrologian's craft. She'll get there... Eventually...



Logging and Mining
Her family


People who threaten her family
Being touched without permission


Alignment: Lawful neutral
Vice(s): Gil
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color: Red



Theophanu Truespear (Theo) (Younger sister, Retired) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Gridanian Adventurer and former member of the Black Cat Couriers. Retired due to a badly healed shoulder injury that prevents her from holding a lance properly. Currently staying with her daughter and Cai's son.
Nerisstina Nightowl (Neri) (Youngest sister, Retired) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Ul'Dahn Adventurer and former member of the Black Cat Couriers. Lost an eye during the Calamity, wasn't able to compensate well enough to continue adventuring (though she did try). Retired back home to help care for her niece and nephew.
Ellannan Tigersoul (Son) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon/Hyur, Highlander mix)
Born 4 months after the Calamity. Currently staying with his retired aunts.
Krisnys Truespear (Niece) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon/Hyur, Midlander mix)
Born 6 months after the Calamity. Theophanu's daughter. Currently living with her mother and aunt.
Jonathan Tigersoul (Husband, Deceased) (Hyur, Highlander)
A Chief Sergeant in the Maelstrom who died at the battle of Carteneau. Ellannan is his son. Cai took his last name as a reminder of his sacrifice.
Farex Truespear (Brother-in-law, Deceased) (Hyur, Midlander)
A Second Lieutenant in the Order of the Twin Adder. Like Jonathan, he also died in the battle of Carteneau. Krisnys is his daughter. Theophanu took his last name as a memorial, following Cai's example.


Common Rumors

"Caiemita...? Wasn't she that courier who lost her business?"
"Oh yeah, I know her. Used to be the best around when it came to finding rare stuff. Shame the moogles put her out of business."
"Saw her fishing the other day, grumbling like you wouldn't believe. Why's she do it if she doesn't like it?"
"I see her around Limsa sometimes. The redhead with the mismatched eyes, right?"

Moderate Rumors

"Heard her sisters used to be in business with her. Whatever happened to them?"
"Heard she married a highlander shortly before Carteneau... Didn't think Miqo'te got married..."
"Y'ever have the bad luck to face that lass, jus' drop everythin' and leg it. Twelve may have mercy on ye, but she sure won't!" Lominsan Pirate
"Cai? Oh yeah, I know of her. Damn good crafter. Charged me a premium for this hammer, and it was worth every gil." Lominsan Shipwright

Rare Rumors

"Her husband died at Carteneau... She was with child at the time too, poor soul"
"Her sisters got hurt bad and had to go back home... Wherever that is"
"I hear she's got a half-hyur kid... Born not long after Carteneau, they say"
"She's a right monster on the battlefield. Doesn't matter what weapon she has in her hand, she will drop you with it."

PC Rumors'



Cai's youth was uneventful. She refuses to identify her home town in order to keep the Garleans from learning of and targeting it in retaliation for her efforts against them. She became an advanturer at 23, and made her way to Eorzea.


An adventurer before the Calamity, Cai didn't make the cut to join her new husband in the battle at Carteneau (being five months pregnant didn't help matters either). Following the Calamity, she retreated to her home to await the birth of her child. Following the boy's birth, she began making plans with her sisters to return to Eorzea.

Five years later, she and her sisters left Ellannan and Krisnys in the care of their parents to return to the Eorzean Adventurer's Guild, and establish their new business: The Black Cat Couriers. Specialists in acquisition and delivery. The plan was for each of the girls to operate out of a different city-state. Cai's base of operations was Limsa Lominsa, and surrounding La Noscea.

Sadly, the plan was short-lived. Neri had lost an eye during the Calamity when a piece of debris struck her face, and she was struggling to compensate well enough for adventuring work. She made a valiant effort, but eventually was forced to face the cruel fact that she was going to get herself killed if she continued.

Theophanu, on the other hand, suffered a serious injury to her right shoulder while exploring the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. Her attempt at field first-aid held up at first glance, but when she eventually got to a healer, she was informed that the injured bone and muscle had healed incorrectly. She would never hold a lance again, much less fight.

Faced with the end of their adventuring days, the two sisters returned to their home, and the kids, leaving Caiemita as the only remaining Black Cat in Eorzea. Determined to stay and fight for the realm her husband died protecting (and earn enough coin to pay for her son's upbringing), Caiemita began marketing her skills to various Free Companies, eventually finding a place with the Black Diablos as the unofficial Quartermaster.

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