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The Bomba

Itm bomb.png

Makes a big boom

How are they made

Barrel bombs were first made by a man known only as "Valko" by placing copious amounts of Gun powder inside a barrel, combining it with his own Fire Stone plugging the top of the barrel, Tap it and you'll have 3 seconds before the bomb blows up, how this hunter found out it took precisely three seconds... we will never know.


  • Barrel bombs will almost always blow up but a player must do a /Random for Damage
  • 800+ will result in 3 Damage
  • 400 - 799 will result in 2 Damage
  • 100 - 399 will result in 1 Damage
  • 1 - 99 the bomb did not go off, Dare you approach again and Tap it? /Random with a - 200 on the roll for this attempt