Batoyuun Qestir

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 Batoyuun Qestir
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Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship None.
Age 27.
Nameday  ???
Height 7 fulms 2 ilms
Occupation Wanderer and guardian.
Server Balmung



Tribal Customs:


Like most Xaela, the Qestir hold true to the nomadic traits of their Tribe. They travel most of their lives, never stopping more than a few days at a time and live out of easilly pitched and dismantled hide tents. Though they revere the Dusk Mother as the rest do, the Qestir also hold that the spirits of the land are of near equal value and deserving of respect. They have a shamanistic view, having no need of a church or priest as the only thing needed for any ceremony or worship or rite was the immediate connection of the individual and the world around them. The world is their tent, and is treated as such. Because of this, money hold no value to them and the Qestir prefer to trade for what the land cannot provide.

The Qestir do not speak, believing that all words are lies, and that a man's actions are the purest form of communication. They hold strong in the belief that all must face the challenge of life, and whether you grow strong or fail, is dependent upon your actions alone and hold to it with iron discipline. As such, communicating with other clans that they come across in migrations can prove difficult, often coming across as arrogant and rude. Though they are distrusting of outsiders and their ways of speech, they are known to show respect to those that can prove to be skilled warriors, or that show open welcome, ready to see in friend or foe qualities to admire.

They are skilled themselves, like much of the warfaring Xaela, using the bow and sword from horseback, and rarely on foot. The Qestir never fight a battle unannounced, seeing it as cheap and unfair tactic to simply spring upon another Clan like barbarians. Instead they will make their intentions clear, often by the raising of banners and the warriors of the camp seen clearly in battle attire. If arriving too late in the day, they will most likely wait until the following dawn, giving their opponent time to prepare, for if you can best an opponent with ample warning the victory has far greater meaning. However, once battle begins, no quarter will be given.

The attire worn in battle is light, often simply hide breeches and perhaps a few straps over the chest as freedom of movement and speed is prioritised. Some paint their faces for war, or their bodies, to instill fear into the hearts of their opponents. Though their intense stare coupled with the fact that none make a sound even in battle usually is far more effective.

If any members of their Clan are split from the main group, the Qestir have been known to raise smoke signals, and tie lanterns to their horses in order to lead the lost back to them. Though those that do end up lost must work even harder to earn back their honor.

The tents of the Qestir are only ever watched over by the women- though this does not mean the women stay out of the fighting, quite the contrary- and each member of the Clan, be it Cheif or friend, must first obtain the Hearthwatcher's permission before entering the dwelling. The only exception are small children. They often tend to steer clear of cities, feeling that it obstructs the connection to the land. Their dead are often simply left in a circle of rocks for the animals, returning their spirit straight to the earth.

Children are never taught words, taught only through gestures and body language what they should know to survive in the world. The Qestir also do not right, for this is a form of word, and instead those that are creatively inclined may instead draw on spare pieces of parchment. Though there is not often time for such activities between the upkeep of horses, Clan members, weaponry and armor.

At the age of 14, Qestir undergo a week and a day of ceremony, a Rite known as Nam güm. During this period, the Clan member wears a strip of green cloth around their upper left arm and paint across their face. The other Clan members pretend not to see them; the individual must provide for themself, keep up with others alone, and show what they have learned. The underlying purpose however, is to test how strong their vow of silence truely is. If they use any sound during this time of forced 'exile', they fail and are cast out from their Clan, sometimes to roam alone, or others find their way to different Clans such as the Kahkol. They receive their 'name' after this rite of passage, given by showing the gestures of two things that the child has proven themself in.

[[Please note this is my own take on the Qestir, others may vary, but do feel free to use. The above was taken from a brief dive into Mongolian history and behaviour along with a little creative flare. If you have any questions, or would like to use some of it or all of it, please do let me know ^^ It would be good to keep track of all the Qestir out there and allow this page to grow.]]


The only known nickname he has is Boulder, for both his silent demeanor and ability to be as stubborn and immovable as a rock at times.

Current Residence:

None. He wanders constantly.


Standing at just over 7ft, Batoyuun is on the taller end of the male Auri scale. His skin is muddy brown, darkened from the days out under the warm sun and his hair only a shade or so darker, lightened near the ends by the same exposure, and swept back save for two thick braids either side that sit in the gap between horns and cheek.

His fitness level is that of nearly an athelete, his physique reflecting such with tight muscles and healthy complexion. Though naturally there are a few darkened lines on his body from the scars of past battles. One such mark adorns his face, though left by no battle. An allergic reaction to a herb used in the tribal paint caused it to burn his skin, but as is Qestir custom, he simply endured and removed it after the battle was won, the paint leaving a mark across his face.

His horns are three-pronged; one forward, one down and the longest towards the back. From the crown of his head there are two smaller horns, following the direction of his hair, and a smaller pair near the back of his skull half hidden in the hair itself. The tips are often coated in red paste to imitate blood and add to the intimidating appearance in battle.

He has a distinctly heavy-set face, with a blocky chin and thick brow. Thanks to the incident with the paint however, he is lacking in any eyebrow hair. His bright yellow eyes lie in the shadows of his browline, making them appear all the brighter and more intense.

Batoyuun is hardly ever seen with any other expression than a frown, though this may be due to his features more than his actual mood.


Bayotuun is silent, as with all Qestir tribe members. Most of his communication is done through expression and gestures, which depending on the mood of the conversation or the people involved, can have him seen as calm, arrogant, or even short-tempered. He is all of those things, but overall a stoic warrior and a proud man.


Batoyuun follows the same tribe rules no matter his opponent, giving time for the enemy to prepare and face him equally on the field of battle. During such time he will stand entirely still, centering his body and his mind, finding complete focus. Once the battle begins, he holds no rules, becoming ruthless with the opponent no matter who it may be. He is quick and agile, despite his height, his blade movements flowing almost like a dance and his bow work highly accurate.



  • Rainy days.
  • Petrichor.
  • Metal and leather work.
  • Shagai.
  • Physical activity.


  • People who are overly loud.
  • People who talk too much.
  • People that take advantage of others.
  • Seafood.


Batoyuun has a dislike of shoes, preferring to feel the earth beneath his feet instead, and lets his hair tend to be styled by the wind. He sleeps both standing up and sitting down, his horns allowing for no other positions. This has led to him abusing this ability when dealing with people that talk to much, simply going to sleep while appearing to be listening.


He also carries a small pouch at his waist of four sheeps ankle bones.



Batoyuun holds his family with the utmost respect, they taught him all he knows and he would be nothing without, even though he is no longer with them. He holds them fondly in his memory, and perhaps one day when Sokhatai is done with her Life Story, they may return there if only for a short visit.


  • Sokhatai Noykin: The woman he has chosen as his life partner, and will follow until she is ready.

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PC Rumors

"Good luck getting him to talk." -- Sokhatai Noykin


As a young child, Batoyuun was seemingly slow. He was looked down upon by the others as he grew for not being able to pull his weight with the tribe, but in reality he was infact watching very carefully their actions, and each reaction, thinking things through. In time it was scene that he was infact, far smarter than he had first been given credit for, able to analyse and judge a situation quicker and clearer than most others by the time of his Rite and react faster because of it. As a result of his previous 'bullying' however, he had put a great deal of effort into his physical strength, aided by his height. This in turn earned him his name; Batoyuun.

Just before his Rite, he was walking a field of tall grass in search of a specific plant at request, walking out infront of a girl on a horse. He startled the horse, causing the girl to take a nasty fall. In order to make up for such a foolish mistake, he carried her back to her Tribe personally. He remembered the girl, he had been told she was timid and scared, a striking and interesting contrast to his own even though she was seen as weak.

A few years later, they crossed paths once more and he met a very different girl with a spirit of fire and pride. Instantly he was captivated by her, vowing to make her his life-partner even if their tribes did not agree. As such, he left when the tribes would have parted ways, going with her.


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