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Ishgard.jpg Azranahr "Stormchaser" Estienne
"There is no shield for the dying light."
Gender Male
Race Au Ra?
Clan Xaela?
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age unknown
Namesday unknown
Deity Halone, The Fury
Height 8 fulms, 2 ilms
Free Company Hearth Haven
Occupation Hunter, Storyteller, Weaver, Stylist

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Azranahr, the dedicated, if somewhat vain, swordsman of Hearth Haven.

Azzie: General shortening of his name. All of his friends call him this. First called such by Y'riel Tia
Tallest Tree: A nickname given to him by Zorai Naccal
Stormchaser: A title earned by his father, Vogarth Estienne. He now uses it as his family name.
The Gathering Hall, home of Hearth Haven


Height 8 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Weight Average
Build Muscular
Skin Tone Somewhat pale, but not unhealthy looking.
Tail Long, lithe and spiked at the end. At times it moves erratically.
Notable Features: His feet are more like that of a raptor than an Au Ra, and he goes to great lengths to keep them hidden.
Scars None.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Snow white in colour, highlighted with violet that's obviously a dye. Often tied into a tail at the top of his head.
Eyes The right eye is a a sort of blue-grey, like the sky before a storm. The left a bright amber that glows.
Notable Features: Though his one amber eye glows like many of the Au Ra, upon closer inspection it's light is very different.
Scars None


Azranahr is vain. Very vain. At times he seems to care more about fixing his hair or nails than he does anything else. Despite this, he carries a fierce sense of loyalty and a protectiveness that could be rivalled to that of a Coeurl with her first litter. Unless he just broke a nail, he never allows his expression to be anything but a smile. He can be forgetful at times, and, though very seldom and rarely in the sight of anyone, there's a certain sadness about him that he would quickly deny should it ever be picked up on.

Abilities and Skills



Sword and Shield:





Hair products
String music
Sentient plants


High humidity
Fire (phobia)


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Vanity
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color: Red



Vogarth "Stormchaser" Estienne (Father, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Father of all six Estienne children and head of the House. He was granted nobility due to his deeds in the Dragonsong War, which, at the time, hadn't quite entered it's first century. While often seen as gruff and aloof to his peers, behind closed doors he doted upon all of his children and put his woodworking talents to use by making toys for them all.
Branded a heretic, he was executed at the Witchdrop.
Azalea Estienne (Mother, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Wife to Vogarth and Mother of the Estienne family, Azalea brought warmth to the household even in the coldest winters. She had a love of gardening and would often gather her sons and daughters to her favourite tree to tell them stories.
While branded a heretic with the rest of her family, she managed to escape with her youngest son, Azranahr, to a land far away from Eorzea. Fearing pursuit, she threw away her nobility and name, choosing to go by Stormchaser.
Veltenoix Estienne (Uncle, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Younger brother to Vogarth and responsible for the Estienne family's fall due to his jealousy, his experiments with Dragon's powers to frame his brother with heresy backfired and resulted in the entire family's, and his own execution at the Withcdrop.
Kailen Estienne (Brother, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Eldest son of Vogarth and Azalea, he held a love of books and would often read to his younger siblings when his parents were busy.
Branded a heretic, he was executed at the Witchdrop.
Aster Estienne (Sister, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Eldest duaghter and firstborn of the Estienne children, she often bossed the younger children around. Despite this, she was caring and highly logical, and was usually the first one the other children turned to when something was wrong.
Branded a heretic, she was executed at the Witchdrop.
Veraltiox Estienne (Brother, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Third child of Vogarth and Azalea and named similarly to his uncle in his honour. The most imaginative of the children, he was usually the one to think up their games.
Branded a heretic, he was executed at the Witchdrop.
Lortien Estienne (Brother, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Fourth born of the Estienne children, Lortien felt a keen sense of exploration which would was more often then not the cause of many of the family's woes, disappearing for hours at a time with his younger twin Hyacinth. He'd always return safe and well though and ready for the lecture he knew would come his way.
Branded a heretic, he was executed at the Witchdrop.
Hyacinth Estienne (Sister, Deseaced) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Fifth born and youngest daughter of the Estienne family, Hyacinth did not enjoy her lessons in etiquette and would often join her twin Lortien, born just minutes before her, on his adventures. She did her best to be as "unladylike" as she could, much to her mother's chagrin.
Branded a heretic, she was executed at the Witchdrop.
Jiao Sachaba (previously Stormchaser) (Wife) (Au Ra, Raen)
A supposedly chance encounter in Costa Del Sol brought Jiao into Azranahr's life. With her ability to forsee possible future events, she believes their meeting to be destiny. But Azranahr does not believe in destiny, preferring to take credit for all his actions, be they good or ill, and that their meeting is was a result of such. Spending much time together, he realised he was falling for her. Over time their love deepend, and eventually they married. He would move mountains and the stars themselves just to keep her safe.
Amyrillis Stormchaser (Daughter) (Au Ra? Raen?)
Azranahr and Jiao's daughter. Born much too early, her parents often claim that she has inherited the "Stormchaser Impatience." In appearance she takes after both her parents, with Azranahr's features, the shape of her face and even with raptor-like feet like her father. But her colouring is all Jiao, glistening white scales, pale eyes with amber limbal rings, except for her snowy white hair. She is both the source of Azranahr's joy and fear, for he and his wife are yet unsure just how much she has inherited from her father. Only time will tell.


Zorai Naccal (Friend, leader) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
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D'emi Rojah (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
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T'rau Durnba (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun)
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Izrikairin Rish (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
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Y'riel Tia (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the sun)
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Dyolfen Bloodstone (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the moon)
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Camille Everadi (Friend, fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Hyur, Midlander)
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Enkhjargal Dalamiq (Wary, Fellow member of Hearth Haven) (Au Ra, Xaela)
Azranahr knows little of this man, but like all other Au Ra (with the exception of Jiao) and especially Xaela, he worries they'll see through his ruse and see him as the "monster" he believes himself to be. So far, that hasn't happened.


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Life in Estienne Manor
Born in the Western Highlands of Coerthas, Azranahr enjoyed a comfortable life in his early years. His father having earned his family nobility fifteen years before his birth. His days were spent playing with his older brothers and sisters, looking in wonder at the wooden toys his father would make for them, and listening to the stories his mother would tell them. His parents withheld no comfort from their children, their rooms never cold and their bellies never empty.
Little did he know that such blissful days would be cut so short so soon.
The Experiments
Jealous of Vogarth's fame, his brother, Veltenoix, sought power of his own. Conspiring with a corrupt inquisitor, he conducted experiments upon young Azranahr. His intentions were twofold. To test if men really could harness the power of dragons, and to frame his brother with heresy. After learning the source of a dragon's power, he even went to far as to gouge out on of Azranahr's eyes and replace it with one from the dragon whom Vogarth had slain, Stevrasha
He would never see the fruit of his experiments.
Despite Veltenoix's plans, he was also convicted of heresy, along with the rest of the Estienne family. All of them, including servants and squires, were sentenced to the Witchdrop. It is said that Vogarth, full of shame that a member of his family was capable of such acts, leapt off the cliff himself.
Azalea, however, was unable to watch her family die. The night before the sentence, she took her youngest child and fled Coerths, even fled Eorzea itself. After months of travelling she finally settled in the far of land of Omma, and there she and Azranahr would stay for the rest of her life.
Playtime Accidents
Azranahr enjoyed a simple life in Omma. His mother taught him the etiquette expected of a young nobleman, but his memory of Coerthas was next to non-existent, and Azalea never explained to him why he must know such things. "It is proper." is all she would say.
He'd often play with the other boys in his area, yet as boys are often inclined to play rough games, he found his own strength unknown to himself and their games would end in one of the other children running home crying. Once, while engaged in a friendly bout of arm wrestling, he snapped his opponent's arm in half by accident. Such events caused him to eventually be excluded from the other children's games.
In his seclusion, he'd often try to understand what happened. Why did he do such things? He didn't want to hurt anyone. He tried to imagine that someone else did it. That he wasn't capable of such things.


The Sickness
As he grew older, Azalea grew more and more frail. A sickness had taken her, and no amount of healing seemed to be able to save her.
It was at this time that Azranahr learned to style hair and apply make up. In his eyes, Azalea was the most beautiful woman in the word. Growing up, she never looked anything but her best, and he hated to see her deteriorate as she was. Every morning he'd coax her hair into a different style and help her with her make up. He'd trim her nails and pick out an outfit for her to wear.
On the day she passed away, Azranahr dressed her in her favourite ball gown and buried her on a hill where the sun would always shine, and in the spring the pink petals from a nearby tree would drift through the air and gather on her grave.


As the years went by, Azranahr couldn't help but notice how he looked much younger than the men his age. At night he'd lie awake and wonder exactly why that was. As he'd slowly drift off to sleep, a voice in the back of his mind would tell him why, but by the time he'd wake up, he could never remember what it had said.
The Wandering
For years Azranahr would wander from place to place within the vast expanse of Omma, earning his meals by telling his stories in various taverns or mending people's clothes. He never stayed in one place for long before moving on. His wanderings lasted so long he lost count of the years.
As his wanderings continued, Azranahr began to realise that there were gaps in his memory. Exactly how long had he been wandering for? What was the name of the village he grew up in? Why did he remember a great hall, draped in blue fabric? Why did he have a memory of a little boy with a broken arm? Who was the boy? And who did that to him?
With a deep sadness, he realised he couldn't remember his mothers face.
The Hunting Hall
Looking for work, Azranahr happened across a guild known as The Black Diablos. With promises of great stories and some skill with a Lance, he found himself joining their group. It didn't take long for the other Hunters to earn a place in his heart. Young Zorai with her constant smile. The time he spent with her lying on the floor of the guild hall, unable to move from all the marshmallows they had eaten.
Her brother Valko, whom he enjoyed friendly competitions with over the smallest things. Who could climb the tree the highest? Who could skip a rock the most times over the lake? Who could make the Guildmarm blush the brightest? Their competitions often ended in Noraxia separating them. How such a small lady managed to budge all eight fulms of Azranahr was anyone's guess.
The other hunters, Izrikairin and T'rau, with whom he learned the ropes of hunting from, and if ever asked, would have said that they were the best teachers he could have had.
Would have said, if most of this hadn't become yet one of the many gaps in his memory.
The Accident
A stormy night on the beach was the perfect night for Azranahr and Valko to have one of their many sparring matches. As usual they threw they're all into it. On many occasions, one or both would return with some minor injury, and that night seemed no different.
Azranahr can never fully recall the events of that night. He remembers the match beginning. He remembers Valko taunting him as he usually did. He remembers looking down the shaft of his lance and finding it embedded in Valko's heart. He remembers the fire around them. He remembers Zorai crying.
He isn't certain he actually want's to remember.
Flight from Omma
That same night, after fleeing that awful scene, Azranahr gathered his things and set off for the nearest dock to take him as far from that place as possible. Yet Zorai was waiting for him. There was no anger in her eyes, only sadness and tears. He expected a blow, but instead received the wooden flute that she would play every day. And like the coward he knew himself to be, he turned and fled.
The journey to Eorzea
Travelling the seas in such stormy conditions turned out to be one of many bad choices Azranahr made in his life. The ship, hardly large enough to be called such, was rocked by the treacherous seas. But seasickness would end up being the least of his concerns as the ship ended up wrecked on La Noscea's rocky coastline. By the Twelve's blessing, all of the crew survived, but their provisions were not so lucky. To ease their burden, Azranahr decided to set off alone.


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