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Omma Flag.png Amida Durnba/Lunn
Stranger Suspicious.png
Plushy Hunter, Doodle maker.
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Omma
Age 4 or 5
Namesday Unknown.
Height 3 Fulm, 2 Ilm.
Parents Noraxia Lunn, T'rau Durnba
Itm Mushroom.png
"Mr Fuzzlebutt... where did you go"



Amida, a small Miqo'te girl who was adopted by Noraxia Lunn, they lived in Omma until its destruction. she doesn't remmber her orignal parents and considers Noraxia to be her mother, befor moving to Mo'urogo she lived with Noraxia in her village, a large hut built around an old, wonderful tree, Amida played in the forrests of Nudra'ko learning of plants, creatures and curitives from her mother.

When Noraxia became Guildmaster of Mo'urogo, they moved to the city, Amida had herself a larger room inside the Mo'urogo Guild Hall itself, where she played for days on end with her favorite freind Mr Fuzzlebutt After some time she found freinds, children who came into the hall with their hunting parents came to play with her, she soon found herself surrounded by freinds that would come and go. they played around the hall together, never ventureing far into the city.

After the fall of Omma, Amida rescued by T'rau Durnba had been once more adopted into a family. she now recides with him at Haven Lodge

Little One: a name given to her by her daddy.
Lil'sis: Given to her by Zorai, simply, her little sister.
Worm: A demenaing term coined by D'emi, though she has never been called it to her face, she has heard the grown ups shout.


Height 3 Fulm, 2 Ilm
Weight Child Chub
Build Childlike
Skin Tone Brown, kissed by sun and sand.
Tail Tiny, fluffy, pink
Notable Features:
Scars None of note.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Pink, Dreadlocks.
Eyes White orbs.
Notable Features: Various markings, presumed ceremonail.
Scars None of note


Bubbily and happy little creature, though wasily spooked by loud noises or monsters under the bed.

Abilities and Skills


Amida appears to be a budding artist, drawing, doodling, fingerpainting are her skills.



Mr Fuzzlebutt.
Mamma Noraxia.
Daddy T'rau.
Talking to people in Haven Lodge.


Loud Noises.
Scary people.


Alignment: Good
Vice(s): Chocolate
Favorite Food: Mr Fuzzlebutt's mushroom
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Color: Rainbow



Noraxia Lunn (Mother, Deseaced) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Zorai's birth mother and Amida's adoptive mother, she spent the first half of her life with her.
T'rau Durnba (Father) (Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun)
Her father and Hero, she looks up to him with childlike love and incredible ammounts of joy and cheer come from spending every moment with him, she seems most at peae around him, doodling the day away or playing with Mr Fuzzlebutt, running around and terorirzing T'rau.... or simply, playing with him and the pink lantern, she adores her daddy T'rau.
Zorai Naccal (Sister) (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Though not related by blood Amida sees Zorai as her big sister, she lived with Noraxia who told her stories of her daughter Zorai. upon funally meeting her she jumped for joy, she was everything and more she thought she was, they often play together.
Mr Fuzzlebutt
A pink gorilla plush with a plump stomach and large rear, it holds a mushroom in its tail.


Azranahr Stormchaser
She was scared of him at first, he is very tall, but soon she was able to approach him
Jiao Stormchaser
Amida wants her to have lots of Sharps, so she can play with others.
Sometimes she is seen talking to "nothing", when asked she will tell you its a freind.