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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Bikini Pirate Party
Taken from the Enjin

Captain Zorai Naccal of the Bikini Pirates
First mate D'emi of the many hats
Boatswain X'aros
my Joujien <3

  • We started off on our great adventure
  • we started off on our great adventure~~
  • We started off on our great adventure the Bikini pirate party complete with all its members
  • we Ventured deep into the... Purple.. blue.. and.. uhm.. Oh
  • we ventured further
  • Warriors of light!!!
  • Captain Zorai and her Jou <3
  • All fo the crew found Zorai's Shiny horde! (where she keeps jou)
From D'emi's view

Quote:After my game crashed while trying to load the dungeon, we got started by posing for screenshots.

Wait Zorai! Where are you going?!

Love is in the air~

Captain Zorai's throne, complete with sexy women sitting on the table!

First mate D'emi of many hats.

There were a surprising amount of eye injuries under Captain Zorai's leadership...

D'emi fuses with Zorai's throne, then X'aros does some table dancing for her captain.

Jou finishes off Denn in the most badass way possible!

We win!... Wait, why am I the only one celebrating?!
Joujien Ukenjino's View
  • A little pre-dungeon schmoozing ^_^
  • Yay! Let's begin. Big Grin
  • Some battle~
  • Posing session!
  • Comfortable cargo cuddles~ XD
  • We found treasure! O_O Wouldn't be a successful pirating heist without treasure. :3
  • I am claimed..! XD <3
  • Before the final battle...
  • All done! ^_^ <3

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