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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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The "My XIV Confession" thread
So its been two years and i'm sure we all do very strange things, well now its time to get it off your chest or just get it out in the open, Let loose your Confession
So how do we start this!
One confession per Message (you can submit multiple Confessions, just use a different Message) and start each one with "My strange XIV confession is..."

My Strange XIV Confession is I Examine just about each and every person as i go by for their search comments. sometimes you find really good ones...
Like this one time in Ul'Dah T'rau found someone who's search comment said "Lick it, Slowly" Clearly they own an ice-cream emporium in Ul'Dah, they must make a fortune!
Other times you find really.. really bad ones, just visit Ul'Dah to find them i think i check everybody's search comments so i can giggle at the bad ones!
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My strange XIV confession is...

I stand in the same spot for almost all bosses and trash pulls (unless I need to move). At the start of boss fights, 99% of the time I will run to the right. The ONLY times I go to the left are if I'm fighting Garuda or if I'm tanking. I have no idea why I do this, and it took me over a year of playing to realize that I do.
My strange XIV confession is...

If I'm running around in the overworld or going in between trash pulls while in a dungeon I always ALWAYS keep pressing R1 and Triangle. I think it's because I'm worried I'll start of in a different hotbar and use the wrong move XD
My Strange XIV Confession is...

Whenever I'm idle and not doing anything, I will constantly open and close my bag, checking the entire contents at a glance. I do it every minute or so. I'm not sure why, maybe there's a portal to another dimension in there and I'm scared my shinies will be eaten ;-;
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