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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Important Calendar Diablos
[Image: Calennder_Girls.png]

Friends, Diablos alike, i propose the diablos do a "Calendar girls" (though i say Girls i'm referencing a silly movie, the Calendar is in no way limited to just those who identify as female, but the entire of the Diablos community) but with less cuppycakes hiding our doowatsits because Cyb ate all of them.... Yes Cyblet i know it was you...

Imagine, close your eyes for a moment and see on your wall, a beautiful Calendar full to the brim of Diablos, a 2016 Calender's available in both Gregorian and Eorzea Dates.

If you think this is a good idea please sign up below and i'll add you to the list of people, we can sort out dates for people, i'll personally take pictures of your Charters all myself and work together with you to put together a really nice background something for each and every Season and event on the Calendar. Both PDF and physical copy will be made available if this project was to take off.
Please Note: For Physical copies to be mailed out i might require some form of donation to cover the printing costs as-well as postage and packaging i do hope you will find this acceptable due to the time, work and effort that will go into such a project, depending on its success a 2017 Calendar will also begin production.

Sign up your charters including what Month you think they would fit best, (Its okay to just choose your charters birth month)
Depending on popularity and guild growth their may be issues regarding "Spreads" where one or more members may have to share a page.

Diablos Calendar Signups
  • Zorai Naccal
  • Azranahr Stormchaser - Summerish time
  • D'emi Rhojah - June/July
  • Dyolfen Bloodstone
  • Trau Durnba
  • Cylet Durnba
  • X'aros Jardin- May
  • Caimita Tigarsoul - September
Additional Notes and Suggestions:
  • Special months such as December, August (Diablos Birthday) will have their own theme.
  • In-Character birthdays listed on Months & Special days.
  • Possibility of a Pet month
Zorai Naccal - Cheif/Hearthbearer
Zorai - Amida (Suspicious Stranger) - Qwan (Cryptic Stranger) - A'ckee (Seething Stranger) - Neiri
Azranahr for sure! His birth month is December, but I don't want him on that page. Mostly for a reason that's in my suggestion below. Also, I feel he'd be better in one of the summer months.

Riel can either fill a space left or go with Azzie, whichever is required.

Suggestion! December! Group shot of everyone in Christmas outfits!
I'd totally sign up with D'emi Big Grin She'd do better in the warmer months since she hates cold climates.
Sign Dyo up =3

Having a calendar is cool^^ I had an idea for our pets to have a month XD but thats only if we don't have enough models =P
Count both cyb and trau in!
Would be ossssuuuums

Cyb did eat them all but don't call her out on it! D: shhhhhhhh

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