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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Notes Letters from Tailfeather
There is a scented letter on the board behind the Questrix with a few small water stains- whether from snowflakes or tears, it's hard to tell. It reads:

Dearest Diablos,

I've arrived in Ishgard and am spending a night in the city itself to gather supplies and rest up for the journey ahead. Unfortunately, the only paper I could find reeks of perfume. Sorry!! As expected, I'm not very welcome here, but the shopkeepers tolerate me enough to take my coin. However, the inn I'm staying at ("The Forgotten Knight") is pretty welcoming and warm, and there's a very sweet Lalafel woman named Tataru Taru who seems to have just started working here in the kitchens. The food here is shit decent, I guess. The pastries, on the other hand, are AMAZING!!! I'll try to send some with this letter and hope the delivery moogle doesn't eat them.

I asked around if anyone had possibly seen X'aros, but the only "helpful" response I got was from someone who had known her from her time at Camp Dragonhead. I won't give up though! Miss Tataru promised to tell me if she sees anyone matching her description.

I'd best get some sleep. My next letter should be from Tailfeather itself, so it may take a bit longer to arrive. I hope you are all well, and I wish you happy hunting!

When questioned, the Questrix claims there were no pastries that arrived with the letter.
A slightly less pungent letter has been posted next to D'emi's previous one. It reads:

Dearest Diablos,

I made it! I'm at Camp Tailfeather! It's not nearly as cold as Coerthas, but it's still colder than I'd like. Along the way I saw my first wild chocobo- she was beautiful! I'm super excited to start training!!! Marcechamp (the man in charge) said I'll need to be partnered up with someone, but it was late in the day when I got here so I have to wait until morning. There's a Seeker from one of the Wolf tribes here, so at least I'm not the only Miqo'te! She already has a partner though- plus she's a little full of herself.

I looked around the campsite and saw some nasty traps. Are they for the monsters, or the chocobos? My heart breaks at the thought of a poor choco being caught by one of these. I guess I'll find out what everything here is for tomorrow, for now I should try to get some sleep.

Happy Hunting!
A wordy letter has been posted, this time smelling of grass and charcoal... mostly. The reek of perfume still permeates the paper, but not as badly as the first one. It reads:

Dearest Diablos,

Sorry for not writing sooner, I've been super busy lately! I was sent to an outlying camp and FINALLY assigned a partner- I was getting worried I'd never get to leave camp! He's a Highlander who goes by Lex, and he's a fair bit older than me. He's an actual BARD, the kind that does magic with their songs! And he's going to teach me!!! He laughed when I showed him my bow-music, but not in that "ha ha you're so stupid" way, more of a "that's so charming" way- which is still a little insulting, but he's going to help me MAKE my very own harp so that I can play music for real!!! In between patrols, he's been teaching me whittling so that I can carve the wood myself! It's not too different from smithing, so I've been picking up on it pretty quickly. At night, the guys will tell stories of questionable truth around the campfire, and sometimes sing songs too (most of them aren't very good, but folks songs were never about skill). I'm trying to memorize them as best I can so I can tell them to you guys when I come home.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. Any given patrol could end in tragedy if we're not careful- there are some awful beasts lurking beyond the forest, and I'm told the mountain in the distance is home to a lot of dragons. I actually saw one snap up a bear in one bite! Thankfully it didn't see us, but it definitely made me realize just how much is at stake if I mess up even a tiny bit. But don't worry! I'm being extra careful! After all, I made a promise to come back home safe and sound, didn't I?
I'm out of room so I need to wrap this up! Love to you all! Happy Hunting!    ~D'emi

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