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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Key Quest A Matter of Office Space
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Quest: A Matter of Office Space
With all the tinkerer's in the Diablos, its about time we converted this space into a Workshop 
Quiliane's been complaining about the amount of noise in the Bathing room... though really she means the room.. next to the bathing room, anyway after some exploring it seems we have some empty rooms downstairs, if we knock through this wall then we can have a large open work-space for everyone to tinker Quiliane's evening nap won't be interrupted.
Hunter Rank:
Fledgling Hunter
Where: Hunting Hall
When: Wednesday 22nd July. 8:00PM GMT+1
Warm Bath with the finest salts, potions and lotions.
[Workshop Space]
Reserved Space
the Diablos under instruction of Zorai found tow large storage aireas that were full to the brim of dust bunnies and old furniture from days gone by (basically everything from the chest)

The group mucked the room out, got all the furniture outside (and by outside I mean there is some furniture in the front garden, a large crate the left of the door, two large chests behind and around the Questrix's desk and a crate just before the downstairs banister

When they were a few pots short of finishing a room Zorai found a another Storage room by accident right beside the other one...and had the idea to combine them to make a bigger better larger workshop airea. the group then moved, smashed and placed that remaining furniture outside, before making a rather large perfectly circular hole in the wall, before finally agreeing they needed a skillfull carpen ter if the walls weren't to fall around them
An Azranahr shall be in attendance for your heavy lifting purposes!
Count me in o/
I am! Already here!

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