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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Urgent Quest Strange Readings
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[Image: UrgQStrangeReadings.png]

Urgent Quest: Strange Readings I
a Mysterious Stranger has been spotted in the Diablos house late at night, now the Questrix is upset, something important is missing
During the night a mysterious Stranger has been and gone, the Questrix (elezen at the Quest Desk) is in distress, Mara (material supplier) is trying her best to calm her down, whatever happened during the night has surely upset her.
Where: Diablos Gathering Hall
When: Wednesday 1st 8:00 GMT
Additional Information:

For those of you who intend to do RP's before the main RP at 8PM please note, the Guild's Questrix (Mender behind the desk) and Mara (Material supplier) are talking amongst themselves, its clear that the Questrix is upset and trying to clam her down is her friend Mara.....   If you were around last night you might have seen a Stranger clad in a cloak leaving the house
[Image: QuestClear.png]

So What happened here?
  • The Diablos noticed the Guild Questrix and Mara causing a commotion
  • a Stranger was seen leaving the house late at night
  • A’nuhk Sagurban a Rank 6 Hunter has gone missing too
  • Ging to Haukke Manor the group saw evedence of a Fight, there were Arrows dipped in a purple goop like substance buried in the Door and surrounding area.
  • in-front of our eyes was what appeared to be the remnants of a fight, there are Burn marks along the floor, drips of blood on the steps with scratch marks heading up the adjacent two steps, appeared to be made by a spear tip or perhaps arrows, there's a Clatter of noise upstairs just as the sound of a further fight to the left.
  • The Diablos Split into groups one going upstairs, the other the core door the the left
  • Both seemed to be following Strangers, one was Small, the other was Tall like tree
  • Hunt Group Narga found a page from the Hunting log that the stranger seemed to be looking for, there was a note written in blood 
  • [Image: UrgQPage3.PNG]
  • the bloody note said "It Safe" ... but what was safe?
  • the Strangers seemed to know the group, addressing them by the Hall's name "Diablos"
  • After some time Team "angst" found another page, their stranger also seemed to be searching for it
  • [Image: UrgQPage2.PNG]
  • the bloodied note says "To keep"
  • Both groups went deeper into the manor, coaxed by the Stranger's taunts, there were many traps, creatures summoned by the strangers dark majiks
  • Towards the end the groups saw diffrent Strangers, the group with the Tall one saw the small one, the Small one saw the Tall one, they seemed not to be bothred too much by the group's, even pawning them off as "that type of adventurer" before finally disappearing, leaving their respective rooms shrouded in mist, summoning a voidsent of great power to dispatch of the diablos.
  • At the end of the fight Team Narga found yet another page
  • [Image: UrgQPage1.PNG]
  • the bloodied note says "I Tried"
  • Suddenly, their was a bloodcurdling scream, Both groups rushed to the Foye... Team Narga Rushed outside to follow the bloodied trail, finding it cut short, even the blood stopped on the spot, as it seemed the Strangers vanished... the sudden an abrupt end of the blood trail suggested our bloodied friend followed.. for some reason.
  • The group who stayed inside was shocked to find... Half of the Diablos Hunting log.. with Severed hand attached, no ammount of pulling would free the severed hand from the log
  • [Image: UrgQBook.PNG]
  • the bloodied note written on the cover reads "don't  trust them"
  • When both groups met up outside at the cold trail, there had been a heated moment between two members, ending in one leaving, and Village Chief Zorai, fuming with anger
  • Once calm again the group shared their findings 
  • [Image: UrgQEnd2.png]
  • When placed together the full note reads "Don't trust them, i tried to keep it safe"
  • If the Diablos didn't before, they now have enemies, powerful terrible enemies 
  • Trau, with the help of others Deducted that A’nuhk stole the hunting log to give to the Strangers small and tall, but was then double crossed, perhaps ending with A’nuhk's life being taken.
  • Returning to the Hunting lodge, Zorai took everything upstairs and placed the hand in a kind of Aetheric stasis, claiming that its song would be stopped, frozen in place.
  • Theiolen was called by Zorai to investigate, to find clues about what might have happned. After searching A’nuhk's room he found a journal which at first glance looked entirely normal but if one were to flick through, it would read a message at the bottom "They said they would leave us alone if i gave them the Hunting Log"
This is where the story... Begins

Eorzea Alphabet

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