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Information Please find a important message from Zorai and the team discussing the current sate of the FC, here, thank you.

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Information An important message from Zorai
Will the Company still be a RP Free Company?
That, is up to you as it has always been, up to you, i will be doing personal and private RP when i can find the time and drive to be online but for the foreseeable future i won't be making any guild wide events.

Who will Run the Company?
The council still have power both in and out of character, nothing in that regard will change.
Zorai Naccal, will still be your Chief and Guild Master.
T'rau and Cybrielle Durnba, N'shiki and Izrikiarin Rish will still be your Council members.

What does this mean for the future of Haven?
Hearth Haven, Haven Lodge, will still be about helping others, going on adventures and community, these values that we have all set in place will never change, the Company, the lore, will still exist as it has always existed.

Will you EVER run events again Zorai?
I will likely be doing private or small personal RP's between people but I won't be putting time and effort into a guild wide story, unless the interest in such peaks and promise of attendance is made. 

Who will Pay for the website?
I have put an un-countable amount of work, effort time, blood, tears into the website, and it has been running mostly off donations, so if you still wish to do dos, then you may indeed continue to contribute to the website's continued  existence through the Donation Page

Will the forum still show events
Only if you list them, there have been events for a long time now that you and your friends can simply pick up and say "I want to go find these crystals" and you would go to this place.. and do a random roll.. that would decide what you find, a monster, crystal.. ect.. and during these, you could have RPed your hearts out, gone on other adventures.. so yes, it will show events.

Will there still be IC days?
Yes, as there have always been IC days, but as always it is up to you to populate and attend these days, they have and always will be Wednesday and Saturday as outlined on the calandar page

Skype groups and Discord, what will happen there?
The Skype group will still remain for as long as the Company exists and the Discord will continue for as long as Cam hosts it, in the event she stops, Zorai will more than likely take over

Will you be leaving the Company Zorai?
No, i love the FC and the people in it are dear to me, I don't wish to lose any friends, but if this new should make you move away, please know I have done everything I possibly can to create and maintain events, but attendance and enthusiasm has been incredibly poor.

So how will Recruitment be handled?
I will not be actively recruiting for the Free Company, if you wish to Recruit you may, that has always been. however i cannot in good conscience say that "we are an Active RP Guild" to anyone who wishes to join us.
Zorai Naccal - Cheif/Hearthbearer
Zorai - Amida (Suspicious Stranger) - Qwan (Cryptic Stranger) - A'ckee (Seething Stranger) - Neiri

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